The Best Pregnant Couple Halloween Costumes

Think of that bump as an accessory.

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Peanut butter and jelly pregnant couples Halloween costumes against a yellow backdrop.

If Halloween falls during you or your spouse’s third trimester, you could decide to skip the festivities, stay at home, and binge classic Treehouse of Horror episodes of The Simpsons. Or, you could lean into the situation and celebrate together while wearing matching funny pregnant couple Halloween costumes. Trick-or-treating might be out of the question for someone that close to having a kid—walking isn’t exactly fun at that point—but you can still show off your brilliant pregnant couple costumes at other Halloween festivities.

The best pregnant costume ideas pay homage to her pregnancy by incorporating it into a festive ensemble in fresh and unexpected ways. We’ve rounded up the best pregnant Halloween ideas for couples, whether you’d rather buy something readymade or make the most of stuff that’s already around the house.

The Best Pregnant Couple Halloween Costumes You Can Buy

The Best Pregnant-Couple Halloween Costumes You Can Make

May the Force Be With You

Princess Leia signature tunicNerf blaster May the Force Be With You

Bump Ahead

the cornier the betterorange hardhatsyellow safety vests

Marge and Homer

Homer maskMarge wigSimpsons

Love and Basketball

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