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These Men’s Shackets Are Perfect for Confusing Spring Weather

The best thing to happen to long-sleeves since pockets.

As versatile as a fleece is, the shacket is better. Yes, “shacket” is a made-up term, but an important one for spring. This mashup between a jacket and a shirt — essentially it’s a heavier button-up shirt you rock as outerwear — is considered a go-to in fall, it makes perfect sense now. Because the countdown to summer is filled with mornings and nights that are cooler than you expect, and often damp enough to put a chill in you. And this year, men’s shackets are very, very good — they have more utility, are better-looking, and play well with other layers.

The shacket keeps you warm during the day and looks right at home at a bar, around a campfire, or even at dinner. Where a fleece or a heavier jacket can feel stuffy inside (and, frankly, make it look like you can’t wait to leave), shackets are more breathable. Think of them as a heavier-duty flannel.

Finding a good one can be a challenge, especially since brands don’t often describe them as shackets — you might find them described as trucker jackets or shirt jackets. To find a good one you’ll need to focus on heft. You want something heavier than a standard button-down shirt. Some form of water repellency is nice — typically in the form of a coating applied during manufacturing. Look for a build that’s roomy enough to layer something under it, but not so bulky that you couldn’t wear the shacket under a larger coat when winter comes.

Here are five worth a spot in your closet because they’ll keep you warm, add style points, and will last so you can reach for it in spring and again once the MLB playoffs roll around.

With a lining made from cotton and recycled polyester, the Norse men's shacket is comfortable, warm, and breathable. The shell's nearly even split of polyester and wool gives it a touchable texture with a pair of discreet hand pockets and a dark navy color that would pair well with just about any pair of jeans you have.

A riff on a classic denim jacket, the mostly cotton, unlined Dirt Shacket has just enough spandex woven in to add durability. The slim fit might be too restricting for a hike, but perfect for running errands in town.

Even up close this shirt jacket looks like a brushed twill shirt, maybe one your grandpa had. The mostly cotton Tutka has a healthy dose of polyester, elastane, and nylon for incredible stretch and heat-trapping. This is the shacket to reach for when you want to keep warm during a bike commute or to keep up with your kid on the playground.

If you think puffy when you hear insulation, you'll be surprised by the Lifaloft. With 80 grams of PrimaLoft's insulation — just enough to keep you warm without adding bulk — the shirt looks like a classic flannel from a distance. This is as close to a puffy jacket as you'll want to get in the men's shacket world.

A shirt with a trick up its sleeves: The High Sierra men's shacket packs a big pop of color, but also has a dry pocket to keep your phone safe, a pen pocket, holsters to keep your beverage and sunglasses nearby — and it comes with a bottle opener. The cotton outer shell has a natural cotton liner that's cut with breathable modal fabric, a stretchy synthetic fiber that looks and feels like classic thermal underwear.

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