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The Best Fleece Jackets For Men Who Like To Zip Up

All hail the fleece jacket.

The best fleece jacket isn’t fancy, or trendy, or cool. It’s just a clutch piece of outwear that every dude needs to have. Let us explain. There are certain pieces of clothing that become known as Dad Wear. Some of these are functional, but wholly uncool (the three-quarter zip sweater, for instance. Or gusseted jeans). Others, however, are still kinda uncool but so useful we don’t care. Like a men’s fleece jacket.

The zip up layer is one of the most functional pieces of clothing in our closet, a warm, stain-shedding, comfortable layer that’s as useful worn around the yard as it is on a hike or, in the right circumstance, layered beneath a blazer. The best modern fleece jackets offer performance, style, warmth, and a fit that’s far more tailored than the boxy, cinch-waisted versions of yore. In short, they’re Dad Wear in the best way. Here are seven to check out.

This quarter-zip fleece gives you warmth without the bulk.

If it’s not too brisk out, you can wear this go-to fleece on its own. Or layer it for added warmth. It’s light enough that you can throw it on over a shirt. We particularly like the taped neck seam, which ensures that the fleece doesn’t chafe.

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Patagonia Men’s Woolyester Fleece Jacket

A classic fleece that nails the basics. As its name suggests, it’s made from a comfy blend of polyester, nylon, and recycled wool. It has a full front zipper, two deep pockets, and ribbing on sleeves and hem, and a tall collar to keep the warmth in. We’re partial to the blue and cream design, but it comes in a total of four patterns. Whichever you choose, know that you can wear it in good conscience: It’s Fair Trade Certified.

Buy Now $159

This is the basic, go-to fleece everyone needs in his closet.

This fleece jacket gets the job done, at a price that won’t make your eyes bleed. It’s roomy, it’s warm enough, it has enough pockets in handy locations, and it’s comfortable enough that you can chop wood or throw around the ball.

This lightweight fleece jacket can be worn on its own, or layered when you're dealing with colder temps.

This is the perfect jacket to either wear on its own when out raking the leaves, or under a shell when the weather gets worse. We love the fact that it’s equipped with a DriClime collar to protect your chin area, along iwth flatlock seams for chafe-free movement, and a zippered chest pocket with an integrated media port so you can carry your tech with you. 

This fleece jacket is at home in the mountains, but just as practical when worn in the city.

This technical fleece jacket is the ideal companion to have during the colder months. Its material allows moisture to escape when you are active so you don’t bake like a meatloaf, and it’s cut is designed to keep you covered, whether you’re bending over to tie someone’s shoes or are out in the backcountry. Best of all it looks damn good, so when you toss it on to go grab drinks it actually looks like you dressed up. 

This technical fleece was designed to be the go-to layer for anyone looking to get after it in the outdoors.

Its Polartec High Loft fleece weighs next to nothing, yet is damn warm. There are interior and exterior pockets, and the fabric is super stretchy to keep you covered when active. Unlike the alpinist fleeces of yesteryear, this one also looks great when you wear it to your local coffee shop, too.

This super high-quality fleece is breathable, stretch, and wicks away moisture.

Not only is this fleece water-repellant, but it’s designed to keep you warm in the coldest conditions. Yes, even during snowstorms or other inclement weather. If you’re into the winter outdoors, get this fleece.

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