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The Best T-Shirts For Men, According to a Top Stylist

Yes, even if you don't look all that good in a T-shirt.

The perfect t-shirt is hard to find but impossible to take off. It looks good and feels like a natural part of your body. It can be worn by itself or beneath a blazer or sweatshirt. It’s versatile. It breathes well. The best t-shirts for men are made from the ideal materials, sure. But they also have that certain something that sets them apart: fit. You’ll know when you try it on.

The best t-shirts for men are the best t-shirts that fit their body. Most guys that don’t look good in t-shirts just need a better fit. This is according to Micaela Erlanger, a top Hollywood stylist who’s dressed Common, Jared Leto, and David Boyega among others. Her guiding t-shirt principal for best t-shirt fit is that each should be between not-too-slim and not-too-loose.

“You want to go for a looser-fitting silhouette, not a slim fit,” she advises. “If you need something for a stockier, less-toned body, you want to go for something that is regular fit.”

A common mistake she sees a lot of guys make is going up a size too high. “You never want to buy your shirt too big,” she warns. “Don’t go up a size. It won’t fit you properly. It might be too long. You want to something that will have width and girth in the actual dimensions.” In other words? Find a different brand who’s medium is more your medium. Not the same brand’s large.

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For guys who may not work out as much, Erlanger says to avoid modal or jersey blends and opt for thicker, sturdier cotton. She always says to avoid t-shirts that are too thin.

With all of this advice in mind, here are the best men’s t-shirts to check out. All are soft, breathable, and very wearable. Just be sure to try one on so you know the fit is right for you.

The Best Men’s T-Shirts

This simple cotton T-shirt is semi-fitted, so make sure you buy your exact correct size. The fabric is soft, the stitching is precise, and it doesn't cling anywhere. It's made of 100 percent organic cotton, and it's double-enzyme washed to retain its color.

If you're looking for a shirt that won't lose its shape no matter what you do during the day, this is your pick: its ultra-thick cotton knit won't bag out or look shapeless. There are a variety of colors and patterns to choose from and the fit is just relaxed enough to not make you look sloppy.

As its name indicates, the Hurley cotton T-shirt is something every guy needs in his closet, and its fit is more on the slightly slimmer side.

Made of ultra-soft cotton, this V-neck T-shirt, a favorite of Erlanger's, not only has the flawless fit you want, but a killer V neckline.

If you'r going for something with longer sleeves, this henley is perfect for layering. It has more of a slimmer fit through the chest and sleeves, is made of a lightweight cotton, and has the added nice touch of mother of pearl buttons.

Unsure about what to wear? This shirt has a slim fit through the body, is made of pima cotton, and drapes nicely just below the waist.

If you're totally confident that there's no hint of man boobs, then get thyself this Paige perfectly-tailored T-shirt. This T-shirt is exceptionally soft, and that's because it's partially made of modal. And that means it's not particularly forgiving. You've been warned.

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