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The Best Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts That Can Be Delivered In Time

Because let's be honest, the clock's almost up.

Once upon a time, delaying Valentine’s Day shopping until the last minute meant you were walking in the door with a box of drugstore chocolates and a bottom of the barrel card to be greeted…less than enthusiastically by your wife. But it doesn’t have to be that way now, even if you’re a world-class procrastinator. Thanks to Amazon Prime and its glorious two-day shipping, you can wait until February 12 and still come through a Valentine’s Day hero. Of course, Amazon Prime covers millions of items, and you definitely don’t have time at this point to look at all of your options.

While we won’t claim to have evaluated every single Amazon Prime item, we are confident that among our picks, from a fancy candle to a fitness tracker to a giant piece of candy, you’ll find a high-quality gift that’ll make your wife happy no matter what she adores.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Instant Film Camera

Fujifilm instax mini 90 NEO CLASSIC

This instant camera — yes, it spits out the photo it takes — has a retro aesthetic that perfectly matches its old-school tech. Whether your wife is more interested in selfies, portraits of the kids, or  landscapes, it’s a great way to create instant souvenirs. It comes with automatic settings, macro mode for tight close-ups, double exposure mode that can capture two images, and bulb mode that makes it easy to capture light trails. There’s even a kids mode that’ll let you get clear shots of the little ones no matter how fast they’re moving.

Buy Now $100

Life Around 2 Angles Bath Bomb Gift Set

A bath bomb is like a relaxation firework. Instead of shooting off into the night, it fizzes in the tub. A shockingly high 4.9 stars on over 3,500 reviews makes this 12-pack of handmade bath bombs as close to a sure thing as possible, assuming your wife enjoys a bath every now and again. With scents from lavender to melon, there’s something for every taste in this set, and at $27 for a dozen, they’re a great deal, too.

Buy Now $27

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Giant Gummy Bear

Giant Gummy Bear -- last-minute Valentine's Day gifts

This is a five-pound, cherry flavored piece of candy equal to 1,400 regular-sized gummy bears. It’s an absurd thing to buy, which means she definitely won’t see it coming. And you haven’t really lived until you’ve cut into a gummy bear like a steak.

Buy Now $30

Fitbit Charge 3

This best-in-class activity tracker constantly measures heart rate and can record exercises in more than 15 different modes, from yoga to circuit training to swimming (it’s waterproof). But don’t worry: your wife doesn’t have to be an exercise fiend to enjoy the sleep tracking and smartphone syncing that also comes with the Charge 3.

Buy Now $130

Soma Brew Bottle

Whether she prefers pour-over, cold brew, or hot tea, this sleek glass travel mug will suffice. She can prepare any one of those beverages easily directly in the bottle, saving time on cleaning a separate brewer and adding a little something extra to her morning commute.

Buy Now $40

Plants for Pets Succulent 5-Pack

Flowers are great, but they’re already dying by the time you purchase them. These five succulents are still alive. All are varieties chosen for how well they grow indoors, and they’re delivered mature and well-rooted in two-inch pots. Even the least green of thumbs will struggle to kill these, so your wife can enjoy them for a long time.

Buy Now $16

Homesick Candle

Everyone likes a nice candle, but it’s the personal touch that sets these apart. Homesick offers candles that offer some of the trademark scents of places around the world, from Alabama (road wet from summer storm, blackberries, pecan, magnolia) to Pittsburgh (steel, fireplace smoke, pierogies). Homesick also makes candles around memories like Grandma’s Kitchen and Summer Camp. Pick one that’s relevant to your wife and she’ll appreciate it, particularly if she finds herself far from home.

Buy Now $30

Umbra Jewelry Box

The matte concrete resin body and shiny copper lid on this jewelry box would look great in any modern bedroom. The two tiers can be used stacked or separated, and they’re a great way to keep tiny things — rings, earrings, broaches, and the like — organized. The boxes are lined with a padded base and soft fabric so whatever table or counter she puts this box on won’t be damaged.

Buy Now $30

Art of Coloring: Golden Girls

Blanche, Rose, Dorothy, and Sophia — the whole gang’s here in this 100-image adult coloring book. If your wife is a fan of the sitcom classic and enjoys a casual coloring session every now and again then she’ll definitely thank you for being a…husband.

Buy Now $13

Vionic Women’s Indulge Gemma Plush Slipper

These things are almost ostentatiously comfortable, soft inside and out with solid arch support from its super supportive footbed. They come in four different colors and a seal of approval from the American Podiatric Medical Association.

Buy Now $64