The Best Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts That Can Still Be Delivered In Time

Because let's be honest, the clock's almost up.

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Once upon a time, leaving your Valentine’s Day shopping until the last minute meant you were walking in the door with a box of drugstore chocolates and a card that nobody else wanted. You may as well have made up the guest-room bed before you left for work. Not today. Thanks to Amazon Prime (and 2-day shipping), you can pretty much manage the clock as poorly as Andy Reid and still stroll in on the 14th with a last-second gift to impress. A gift like one of these ten.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8+ Camera

Because pictures trapped inside a smartphone don’t do anybody any good, slap them up on the fridge instead using Fuji’s mini instant camera. Not only does it have a macro lens adapter for close-ups, but it even comes with a selfie mirror.

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Position of the Day: Sex Every Day in Every Way’s Position of the Day book isn’t new, but it never gets old. And neither will your sex game when you suddenly have 365 new ways to do it.

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Oliver Rocket Bath Bombs

With over 1,100 reviews and a full five stars on Amazon, this six-pack of 4.5-ounce bath bombs in all kinds of fun scents ⏤ lavender, cucumber melon, grapefruit tangerine ⏤ is tough to beat. Even more so because it’s only $20.

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‘I Got The Beat’ Heart Plushie

And speaking of beat … avoid any confusion about how you truly feel by giving that someone special your heart ⏤ or in this case, a cuddly stuffed plushie version of it. It even includes a pamphlet with facts about the circulatory system so there’s that.

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Love Letters Of Great Men

Love Letters Of Great Men
Granted, giving your wife a book of elegantly written love letters from dudes (not named you) that history deems incredibly romantic may not be the best way to lower expectations, but hey, if she’s a fan of Sex in the City then you’re gold. That’s where this book of letters from five centuries of “kings, war heroes, and philosophers” gained notoriety. Who knows, maybe it’ll prove inspirational when you fill out that Valentine’s Day card.

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Heavy Duty Pro Punching Bag

The beauty of this 50-inch canvas punching bag is not only that you can fill it up with pretty much anything ⏤ towels, dirty laundry, birdseed, whatever ⏤ but that it costs $24.

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Diamond Hoop Earrings

It’s almost impossible to go wrong giving diamonds and even harder to do so when they’re set in white gold hoop earrings. Don’t question the price, Valentine’s Day is pretty much here.

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Giant Gummy Bear

This is a five-pound, cherry flavored piece of candy equal to 1,400 regular-sized gummy bears. Do not try to sneak it into the new Fifty Shades movie on Valentine’s Day.

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Decorative Cactus Candles

Rather than roll the dice on real succulents that could (will) eventually die, opt instead for this six-pack of decorative candles that look like cacti and will bring 30 minutes of warm light to your family’s weekly taco night.

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Famous Painting Art Socks

Not necessarily a quirky Valentine’s Day gift that everybody would appreciate, but if your spouse digs wearing eclectic prints of famous oil paintings on their feet, this is a smart choice. They come four pairs to a pack and include such masterpieces as ‘The Great Wave off Kanagawa,’ ‘The Scream,’ and ‘The Mona Lisa.’

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