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The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts Under $50

Saying "I love you" doesn't have to break the bank, and these Valentine's Day gifts are proof

Valentine’s Day can pose a real challenge to anyone on a budget. Not only does it seem like you just went holiday shopping (because, you did), but jewelry is rarely cheap, prices on flowers go up, and even cards can cost $5 these days. Luckily, there are plenty of fun, romantic, and flat-out useful gifts for Valentine’s Day that say “I love you” without draining your bank account. From personalized wine bottles to Parisian hot chocolate, here are 20 creative Valentine’s Day gifts under $50.

Valentine's Day gifts under $50

1. A World Map Covered With “I Love You”

Beautifully designed by a husband and wife duo, this 18- by 24-inch  “A World of I Love You” map translates “I love you” into 50 languages from around the world and displays the locations where you’d hear them spoken. It’s also made from recycled materials.

Buy Now $25

2. Bluetooth Headphones for Workouts

Phaiser’s Bluetooth sports earphones not only stay snug in the ears while exercising, but they also come with a sweat-proof guarantee and an 8-hour battery life.

Buy Now $36

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3. A Gigantic Gummy Bear

The “World’s Largest Valentine Gummy Bear” weighs in at almost five pounds and features two flavors of gummy goodness, cherry and berry blast.

Buy Now $35

4. A Custom Map Of A Meaningful Location

Grafo-Map will make a beautiful, custom map out of any location provided, be it a state, a town, or one specific house that you may or may not live in.

Buy Now $49

5. A Cozy Throw Blanket

West Elm’s coziest throw blanket measures 44- by 56-inches (so no exposed feet) and is woven with fringed edges and special yarns to create a “space-dyed” look. It can also be monogrammed in case you need a reminder of whose blanket it is when it gets tugged off you in the middle of the night.

Buy Now $39

Valentine's Day gifts under $50

6. Your Own Indoor Movie Marquee

The miniature retro-styled My Cinema Lightbox marquee lets you arrange letters into sweet sayings. It’s powered by micro USB and you can purchase extra letter and symbol packs. Use it to leave heartfelt messages, be they “I adore you,” or “Let’s get freaky.”

Buy Now $35

7. A Diary for Ticket Stubs

For the parent who plans to take the family to a ton of sporting events ⏤ and then reminisce about them all when the kids grow up ⏤ this handsome hardback journal is where they’ll plug in the ticket stubs. There’s also space included to write down notes about each stub/game.

Buy Now $13

8. A Game of Thrones Chocolate Dragon Egg 

This handcrafted Game of Thrones-inspired treat breaks open to reveal chocolate-covered almonds and a detailed dragon truffle inside. You can pick from three different flavors of dragon egg: White (raspberry truffle), milk chocolate (mint truffle) and dark chocolate (hazelnut truffle). The mother of dragons would approve.

Buy Now $45

9. A Handcrafted Scented Candle

Fig and Yarrow’s Pink Love Candle smells of patchouli, ylang-ylang, bergamot, orange, and geranium for a scent that’s bold, calming, and, honestly, pretty sexy.

Buy Now $48

10. A Cheesy Threesome

Williams Sonoma’s French Classic Cheese Collection features three eight-ounce, full-flavored varieties of fromage all produced in France: Camembert, Petit Delice d’Argental, and Brie L’Original Paysan Breton.

Buy Now $50

Valentine's Day gifts under $50

11. Wine with a Special Message

Wordy Wine’s operation is shockingly simple and clever: You pick three artisanal red wines, create your own custom label for each from a variety of themed templates, and send the personalized collection to a loved one.

Buy Now $50

12. A Cookbook For Veggie Lovers

Renowned chef Joshua McFadden’s Six Seasons is chocked full of great recipes for grilling, steaming, sautéing, and roasting raw vegetables.

Buy Now $22

13. A Wheel That Works out the Kinks

Dharma’s Yoga Wheel helps yogis increase mobility, stretch and release tension, and release muscular tightness. The wheel works with just about any yoga position or routine.

Buy Now $30

14. A Cozy Shirt for Nursing Moms

Latched Mom designed their sleeve scoop-neck top specifically for nursing moms. They look great at the office, come in eight colors including one with a ‘Mama’ bear logo, and the loose fit offers immediate front nursing access.

Buy Now $35

15. Some Tiny But Mighty Plants

Lula’s Garden Succulent Box delivers collections of bright, fresh hand-picked succulents small enough for a desk or bookshelf. Plants can be ordered individually or in mixed-and-matched garden boxes. 

Buy Now $35

Valentine's Day gifts under $50

16. A Luxurious Bath Soak

French Girl’s Sea Soak is made with four salt varieties and exudes a delicate scent of rose and ylang. Simply sprinkle one to two handfuls of salt into any bath.

Buy Now $18

17. An Excuse to Put Out Hors d’Oeuvres

Brooklyn Slate’s handsome all-natural slate cheese board is sourced from a family quarry in upstate New York and comes with a hand-carved wood cheese knife.

Buy Now $44

18. A Fast Way To Chill Coffee — or Scotch

Not only does the HyperChiller makes perfect iced coffee from hot coffee, but it also uses a multi-chamber design to keep ice from diluting the drink.

Buy Now $30

19. A Phone Case With Pockets Aplenty

LUPA’s faux-leather iPhone wallet case combines the two items you’re most likely to always have on you, but which can be the hardest to fish out. Each case fits up to four credit and ID cards.

Buy Now $19

20. Some Hot Chocolate From The City of Lights

A trip to Paris is no longer required to enjoy a rich cup of hot chocolate from world-renowned tea salon, Angelina ⏤ all you need is this tin of cocoa. Just don’t forget the whipped cream.

Buy Now $35