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Kindle Fire Kids’ Tablets Black Friday Deals Are Here!

Just in time for the holidays. Sweet.

If you’re going to get your kid a tablet, you truly cannot go wrong with Amazon’s Kindle Fire for kids. It’s a robust and almost indestructible powerhouse of a device that comes pre-loaded with age-appropriate content and has some serious parental controls. Of course, as with most good things, the Amazon Fire kids’ tablet is not cheap. But now is. Read on.

Kindle Fire’ Kids Black Friday Deals

The beloved and ever-popular seven inch Kindle Fire tablet for kids is normally $100, but is now $40 off.

In terms of storage, you get 32 GB plus unlimited cloud storage for Amazon digital content purchases. It has a seven inch screen. And as with other kids’ tablets, it lets parents set screen time limits, educational goals, and filter content with clear-cut parental controls.

Note that the new Kindle Fire 10 for kids has a 10 inch screen, a more powerful CPU, and higher resolution. But for our money, we’ll stick to the Kindle Fire 8 because honestly, kids don’t need a case with advanced audio port design until they’re ready to pay for it themselves. But hey, that’s just our opinion.

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The Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet is down from its regular price of $130 and runs you $79.99.

The tablet has an eight inch display. It includes  a year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited at no additional cost, giving you access to over 20,000 books, movies, TV shows, and educational apps and games featuring characters from PBS, Nickelodeon, and Disney.

Multiple kids can use the tablet, because parents can set up to four individual child profiles. Plus, parents can establish bedtime curfews and control screen time. With Learn First, parents can block access to videos and games until kids meet their reading goals. Best of all, while in Amazon FreeTime, kids can’t access Instagram, the internet, or Alexa, and they can’t make in-app purchases without mom or dad’s approval.

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