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Best Kids Learning Games

We know board games are great for kids. So we went one step further and found board games that have a little something extra to offer: they’re learning games.

Sitting down to play a board game can teach your kids cooperation and how to take turns. But why stop there? Pre-schoolers can start to recognize letters and numbers. Readers can learn to manage money. And everyone can work together to help a very badass bug get home.

It's a memory game in which players match the smiling faces of 24 children from countries all over the world are fun.

What a great concept. Kids five and up heighten their observation and memory skills, and get a dash of cultural awareness as well.

This learning game uses re-usable activity mats to teach kids to draw, count, spell, and not be bored. There are 12 activities, for kids three and up. It helps young kids learn about logical reasoning, creative thinking, and observation.

Toddlers learn the basics of counting and spelling, while also having a good time.

Kids five and up stack, pattern, and match the multicolor shapes. They have to follow verbal instructions, ask questions, and think critically to get this game to work.

The game includes 20 chunky plastic blocks, 20 activity cards, an activity guide and has four different shapes and three different attributes.

In this game, kids learn how to read letters, grasp the basics of letter/object association, learn simple words, and have to take turns doing it.

In this matching card game for kids four and up, players ask for the match to their alphabet letters and make pairs to win the game.

It's bingo, only with pictures. Pre-readers match the pictures and words to their challenge cards.

Kids four and up will be into this game, which is a best-seller and has pre-schoolers engage in a fast-paced matching game that builds language and reading skills.

Kids three and up match the big letter cubes to picture and word cards in this learning game.

Think of this as your toddler’s first major introduction to letter and word recognition, matching, and spelling. In a very fun setting.

The challenge for pre-schoolers is to get their ladybug home. Kids three up work with colors, numbers, and symbols on their playing cards to save their bug.

It’s easy for kids to play on their own, and the concept is sweet and non-competitive.

Teach kids the value of a dollar with this learning game, which has them competing to save the most money for college.

Kids eight and up are given real-world scenarios and decide wether to spend or save their cash. The kid with the most savings wins.

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