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Amazon Has A Fire Just for Kids. What Will It Cost You?

“More than a toy” is how Amazon is billing its new Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet, aka “The Kindle Fire Kids Edition”. A 6- or 7-inch HD screen, quad-core, dual camera, Dolby Audio powerhouse, the kids tablet retails at $149 (2-year warranty included), and comes with parental controls like screen time limits and a year of unlimited access to thousands of books, movies, shows, educational apps, and kids tablet games through Amazon FreeTime Unlimited.

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A note of caution: The Fire Tablet’s clearly not aimed at children under age two, lest Amazon runs afoul of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ recommendations for screen time. But when it comes to tablets for tots, brain development might not be the only concern. Unlike Apple and Google, Amazon has decided to battle the FTC’s negligence charge that it allowed millions of dollars of tablet in-app purchases not authorized by parents. Amazon’s reply? “As the allegations in the Complaint and the terms of service upon which it necessarily relies make clear, once a customer voluntarily links a credit card to his Amazon account to authorize 1-Click purchasing, he knows that he and anyone to whom he later entrusts that device can purchase content with a single click, whether that content is movies, music, books, or apps” or, in other words, “You linked it, you bought it.”

It’s an ironic position for Amazon considering–no joke–that one of its sales slugs for the Kids Edition is “Don’t worry about the bill.”