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Hot Toy Deals: Robot Toys To Teach Your Kids Coding and STEM Skills

You just won Christmas.

The holidays are almost upon us, which means gifts. Lots and lots of gifts. If you didn’t find what you needed during Black Friday and Cyber Monday price drops, despite major toy deals and Sony PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox Pro X discounts, we’re curating some daily toy deals you can’t pass up. This is stuff that’ll make you the hero when your kids tear open their presents with all the subtlety and grace of stampeding wildebeests.

To be clear: Cheap toys go on sale daily, almost hourly. But the big-ticket items are harder to find. Quality toys, even harder. Which is why here, we’re focusing on the stuff your kids covet, but maybe your wallet says: Hell, no. Check back daily.

Robot Toy Deals

If your kids love robots and unicorns, this robot toy is perfect and it's down from $119.99.

Kids use the 440 snap-together parts to create their own mythical creature (whom we shall call a unicorn). They can then program the magical horn with different colors to customize their creation, plus they can create new, custom actions with the prp (pose, record, play) function. Great for kids ages eight and up. 

Dragons may love tacos, but this $129.99 firebot coding toy is in a league of its own.

If your kid prefers dragons to unicorns, he or she will dig this coding toy. Kids activate the touch sensor on firebot’s chest and program actions with its movable wings. You do need an app to fully use this thing.

Botley, normally $79.98, teaches He kids to code with screen-free play.

This STEM coding set, for kids five and up, doesn’t require a device to make it work. Instead, kids use a remote programmer that sends commands and gets him rolling.

Dinosaur Toy Deals

Primal Pal Blue, normally $24.99, wiggles from side to side; rotates her neck and torso; and opens and closes her jaws.

Kids four and up press a button, and Primal Pal Blue goes into action. She even makes those scary-goofy movie sounds, of course.

This badass $99.99 dinosaur kit lets kids control the dino by pressing a button.

Kids three and up can go to town with this set, which they control by pressing a button. If they set the dino free, she goes on a rampage. She has color-changing, light-up eyes that dilate and a mouth that glows red when she’s mad. Skeeeeery.

LOL Surprise Deals

One of Fatherly's toys of the year, the L.O.L. Surprise 2 in 1 glamper includes 55+ surprises. It's normally $99.

This brand produces a stupid amount of waste when kids unwrap their surprises. But unwrapping them, they love. And honestly, all the plastic aside (that’s a lot to put aside), this is a damn cool glamper. The front detaches into a separate car and  it has more than 10 hangout areas including bunk beds, a light up pool and slide, a fashion runway, BBQ patio and DJ booth.

Almost as pricey, the L.O.L. Surprise! Winter Disco Bigger Surprise is down from $89.99.

This set has 60+ new surprises, including a limited edition, exclusive family.

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