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Black Friday: the Best Deals on Kids’ Toys and Games

Here are all the best Black Friday deals we've found on toys and games for kids of all ages.

Black Friday is almost here. The shopping holiday, which takes place the day after Thanksgiving (this year, that’s November 23rd) is one of, if not the, best days of the year to score great deals on every kind of product and give you a head start on buying gifts for everyone on your holiday list. Within those sales there are plenty of deals on parenting gear. To help you out, we’ve rounded up all the best deals on everything from board games to STEM toys to interactive pets.

Kano Computer Kit: Kids can build their own computer with this kit. Once it’s constructed, there are built-in projects to code art, music, and games along with access to the internet, and Target is taking $50 off the normal price tag.

Fugglers: These ugly British dolls come with an adoption certificate. Kids love how bizarrely cute they are, and they’re half off at Target.

Mega Construx Jumbo Pikachu: One of our favorite toys of the year combines the fun of a building toy with the most popular Pokémon (sorry, Blastoise fans). Save $25 when you catch one at Target.

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Fisher-Price Imaginext Serpent Strike Pyramid: Aspring Indiana Joneses will love this Egypt-themed playset, complete with snakes, a sphinx, and rolling boulders. It’s 64 percent off at Kohl’s.

Hot Wheels Roto Revolution Track Playset: There are two kinds of kids in this world: those who want to crash their Hot Wheels in the middle of this playset and those who want to time it so that they avoid each other. Both will love this set; you’ll love that it’s $19 off.

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Star Wars Extendable Lightsabers: Choose from four different plastic blades for just four bucks each.

Lego DUPLO Creative Box: These larger blocks are safe for younger kids that classic Lego bricks, and there’s enough variety in this 120-piece set for kids to build a ton of different models of their own design. It’s half off at Walmart.

Paw Patrol Sea Patroller Transforming Vehicle: Kids can save Thunder Bay with this amphibious vehicle. It comes with a crane, cage, and two lifesavers. The 50 percent discount at Walmart will save your wallet.

Hot Wheels 50-Car Pack: Fifty cents each seems like a pretty great deal on Hot Wheels at Walmart.

Spider-Man Mega City Playset: Spidey-loving kids will love this almost four feet tall playset, which comes with over 20 features and accessories and five different levels. It’s half off at Kohl’s.

Stick-Lets: Take 25 percent of these unique building toys that can help kids grasp the essentials of engineering and have fun doing so.

Sesame Street Tickle Me Elmo: It thankfully no longer inspires stampedes, but your kid will still love this ticklish toy. You’ll love that it’s half off at Target, no elbow-throwing necessary.

Nerf Rival Helios XVIII-700: This bolt-action blaster fires foam balls instead of the traditional darts, and it comes with two 12-round magazines for quick reloading. It’s just $20 at Kohl’s.

Nerf N-Strike Mega Accustrike Thunderhawk: The most accurate Nerf blaster around is $12 off at Walmart.

Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Hoop Set: Aspiring ballers will love this two to four foot high adjustable rim with ball return. You’ll love that it’s $10 off at Kohl’s.

HatchiBaby Foxfin: This brand-new addition to the Hatchimals line of interactive toys is just $35 on Jet, a great deal on a toy that will be at risk of selling out.

Luvabella: These realistic baby dolls have changing facial expressions, can speak over 100 words, and come with four different interactive accessories. They’re $20 off at Walmart on Black Friday.

Nerf Rival Prometheus MXVIII-20K: This beastly blaster fires 8 rounds per second, and it’s $100 off — half is normal price — at Walmart.

Sphero R2-D2 App-Enabled Droid: The company behind our favorite spherical STEM toy also makes a BB-8 droid, but old school Star Wars fans will be all over this app-controlled R2-D2, especially for $60 off its normal $100 price tag.`

Paw Patrol Explore 4 Fun: This lightweight tunnel and tent set is adorned with your kids’ favorite altruistic canines, and Walmart has it for just $15.

Melissa & Doug Multi-Activity Table: This play table comes with a double-sided play board and large drawer for storing toys that aren’t being used. It’s a great addition to any playroom, and it’s on sale for just $110.

Fingerlings Holly and Jolly Two-Pack: These festive Fingerlings are brand new and would make fantastic stocking stuffers.

Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Superfriends Batcave: This awesome playset comes with Batman, Robin, and Batcycle figures. There’s a bunch of moving pieces for kids to play with, and it’s on sale at a $15 discount at Kohl’s.

Cozy Wings: One of the year’s best toys is half off at Target. Your kids will be flying around the house before the wrapping paper is picked up.

FurReal Friends Poppy, My Jumpin’ Poodle: Normally $60, you can get this interactive dog, that stands on its hind legs when excited, for just $20 at Walmart.

Augie Augmented Reality Coding Robot: This combination remote-controlled robot, computer science teaching toy, and augmented reality gaming system is $60 off on Amazon.

Peppa Pig’s Treehouse and George’s Fort Playset: This playlet comes with Peppa Pig, George Pig, and Richard Rabbit figures, along with a treehouse and a fort. It’s just $25 at Target, down from $40.

Nerf Zombie Strike Doominator: Grab a rotating drum Nerf blaster with a three-position handle for just $20.

TP Blaster Skid Shot: This toy gun fires small, wet wads of toilet paper. The only thing sillier than buying it is buying it at full price when you can get it at GameStop for $10 off on Black Friday.

Nerf Nitro Bumblebee Speedblast: Save $10 on this GameStop-exclusive Transformers-branded Nerf blaster.

Funko POP! Figures: Build your collection of Funko figures on the cheap; each one is just $8 at GameStop.

Step2 Paw Patrol Lookout Climber: For young kids, this is like a very basic, very Paw Patrol-themed playground that they can climb up and slide down, all for over $100 off.

Little Tikes STEM Junior Wonder Lab: This playset comes with the materials to perform 20 safe “experiments” using stuff you already have at home. It also makes plenty of sounds sure to delight your preschooler, and it’s $20 off at Target.

Kinetic Sand Molding Tower: We don’t quite get how Kinetic Sand works, but we know it’s awesome, and kids love it too. This tower playset comes with three colors of sand, a molding tower, and a catapult. It’s half off for Black Friday.

Pai Technology Circuit Conductor: One of the best toys of the year is also an invaluable tool for teaching the basics of electricity and circuitry. It’s $20 off on Amazon.

Disney Princess Rapunzel Pop-Up Palace: Save $15 on this two-feet tall, four-room playset that comes with a doll and 13 accessories inspired by Tangled.

Nerf N-Strike Alpha Trooper Mission Kit: This blaster comes with 12 darts that it can rapidly fire up to 85 feet away. Also on target? The price, 28 percent off normal.

Batmobile 6V Ride-On Vehicles: You don’t have Bruce Wayne’s money, but your kid can have a (miniature, 2.5 mph) version of his ride for about $100.

Melissa & Doug Hi-Rise Wooden Dollhouse with 15-Piece Furniture: A gender-neutral dollhouse that comes with 6 rooms, 3 figures, and 15 pieces of furniture is well worth $90, 40 percent lower than the list price.

Catan: This now-classic board game is just $26 on Black Friday, no bartering required.

Nerf N-Strike Elite SurgeFire: For just $20, you get a rapid-fire, drum-loading blaster.

Nerf Zombie Strike Survival System Scravenger: Twelve-dart clips feed this half-off blaster, complete with multiple scopes.

Nerf Zombie Strike Dreadbolt: Two words: Nerf crossbow. Two more: $12 off.

K’Nex Mario Kart 8 Building Set: Build your own Mario Kart models, complete with hover wheels, with this heavily discounted K’Nex set.

Bloxels: This grid lets kids place colored blocks into patterns that they can take a picture of with a companion app and turn into their own video game. It’s a unique, hands-on toy for kids who love video games, and it’s a whopping 78 percent off for Black Friday.

Barbie Glam Getaway House: This Amazon-exclusive toy folds up for easy transport and has three glamorous rooms for Barbies. It’s $12 off for Black Friday.

Feber My Lovely Ride On Unicorn: If you have the kind of kid who’d love a ride-on unicorn toy, this one is $100 off for Black Friday.

Disney Mickey 6V Ride-On Quad: At just under 40 bucks, why not pick up this Mickey-themed ride-on hot rod for your under-45 lb. kid?

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