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Black Friday Toy Deals: The Best Deals on Kids’ Toys and Games

Here are all the best Black Friday deals we've found on toys and games for kids of all ages.

Black Friday is almost here, which means toy deals a-plenty. The shopping holiday, which takes place the day after Thanksgiving, is one of, if not the, best days of the year to score great deals on every kind of product and give you a head start on buying gifts for everyone on your holiday list. Within those sales there are plenty of deals on parenting gear. To help you out, we’ve rounded up all the best deals on everything from board games to STEM toys to interactive pets.

Best Toy Deals

This $39 coding kit is a brilliant way to introduce youngsters to STEM learning.

Kids four and up can create and design endless coding challenges with the 22-piece pet playset, and feed and play with their interactive pets.

This $149.99 house is basically a 360 interactive play and learning hub for kids.

Babies and toddlers will have a blast in this fully tricked-out play dome. It has than 200 songs, sounds, tunes, and phrases, three learning levels and four languages to choose from. Including French and Mandarin. Kids can crawl, explore, open and close the mailbox, and shape-sort items through the recycling bin.

Get your kids their first taste of Legos with this starter Duplo set, which is normally $23.

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This 80-piece Duplo set helps toddlers learn about colors and shapes, and hone their hand-eye coordination as they build towers and castles and cars.

Here's a little nostalgia love with this Fisher-Price classic record player, down from $39.99.

This awesomely retro toy is back from 1971. Toddlers load one of five records into the player and hear music. Cause and effect, in effect.

This $29.99 musical pounding toy is a great way for toddlers to get a taste of musicality.

Kids practice hand-eye coordination by using the hammer to pound the bench, and practice their musical “skills” on the xylophone.

We love all of Lego's Advent calendars, but truly, the force is with this one, normally $39.99.

Each square contains a Star Wars minifigure or vehicle or ship. What else do you need to know?

Find us a kid who doesn't like slime. Or surprise toys. Go on, we're waiting. This set, normally $54.99, perfectly combines the two.

Kids get a 14 inch doll, along with 20+ surprises. And in a totally odd mashup, they can make D.I.Y. slime and add it to the doll’s transparent fashions for a unique style.

If your kid is into Hatchimals, they need this llama/unicorn hybrid, normally $67.00.

The cool thing about this latest Hatchimals launch is that instead of being one and done, you can hatch these beasts over and over again.

One of this year's hottest toys, this $78 Paw Patrol lookout tower arms kids with an actual working telescope.

This thing has actual working lights and sounds. At just over two feet tall, it’s the perfect size for little Paw Patrol aficionados. And when kids push the button on the tower, they hear Ryder give his missions.

The Resistance Y-Wing Starfighter is yet another alphabetically named ship, and it's down from $70.

It has spring-loaded and trigger-activated weapons, a Rise of Skywalker-specific color scheme, and five, count ’em, five included minifigures including Zorii Bliss, complete with golden helmet.

The Lego Star Wars set has kids building Rey's transport speeder jet toy and a treadspeeder bike for less than $40.

Want two ships in one set? Then you want the Pasaana Speeder Chase. In the transport speeder, Rey and BB-8 try to escape from a First Order Treadspeeder with a driver and trooper. For kids who like races, it’s the best Lego Star Wars set since Anakin’s podracer.

One of our favorite stacking toy sets, made from recycled plastic, is down from $25.

Kids play with the vehicles and practice their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills by stacking the smaller cars on the big truck.

Speaking of the beloved Melissa & Doug grocery store, this market is normally a cool $200.

To bring imaginative play to delicious new levels, the set, aimed at kids three and up, comes with a hand-cranked conveyor belt, bagging area, card swipe machine, beeping scanner and cash drawer.

Kids get 60+ surprises in this $90 LOL set.

Surprise toys never seem to get old. So get this set at a steep discount. It includes two limited edition L.O.L. Surprise dolls, each with seven surprises, one limited edition L.O.L. Surprise pet with seven surprises, plus a ton of accessories. 

If you're in the market for Barbie's pretty dope private plane, you don't need to pay $75 for it.

This plane has rolling wheels, for a smooth takeoff. Plus, it comes with a puppy travel buddy for Barbie, and kids can open the top and side to create a play space. There’s a seat for the pilot and two more for passengers. Also: The seats actually recline, something real airlines might want to take note of. 

Kids love all things gross, and with this kit, they get a very personal science lesson. Best of all, it's less than the $24 list price.

Boogers and snot and spit, oh my. Kids learn about what grows in their own bodies, and create fake blood, intestines, and learn to grow molds. Not the deadly kind.

Get one of our favorite robotic toys at a huge discount.

We love Juno, because she’s adorable, she makes more than 150 sounds, and she eats peanuts with her trunk. She’s one of the best robotic toys we’ve ever seen or played with.

Another big hit this year is this $97 interactive bear, who has more than 100 sound and movement combinations.

Great for ages four and up, this bear is a standout because when you put him into sleep mode, he makes soothing sounds and helps kids go to sleep.

This magical $60 unicorn sings with kids when they hold up a microphone.

Also great for kids four and up, Myla is a fully tricked-out unicorn who lights up when kids use the magic color-transferring brush on her.

Normally $30, this sloth teaches toddlers about letters and numbers.

When kids ​​press the buttons, they’ll hear songs and phrases about the alphabet, numbers, opposites and colors.

This buildable 12-inch Pikachu is normally $50.

Instead of merely collecting Pokemon cards, have kids build their very own Pikachu. It has articulated legs, arms, tail, and ears.

Normally $20, this lifelike cookie set helps little kids make sense of the world around them.

This 28-piece food set is designed to help kids three and older understand the world around them through play, in this case by engaging with toy versions of stuff they see adults using every day.

This dazzling Playmobil ice palace set is normally $139.99.

This ultra-detailed and thoroughly captivating set, ideal for kids four and older, has a throne and a light-up floor. Plus, there’s a spiral staircase, the princess’ chamber, and hoop skirt that changes patterns in the cold.

Melissa & Doug's costumes are incredibly detailed and well-made, and now, you get this firefighter ensemble for less than $30.

Hey, it’s almost Halloween, so score this firefighter set, which includes a jacket, helmet, badge, fire extinguisher, bullhorn, and reusable name tag.

Normally $80, you can score this arts-and-crafts essential for about $18 off the regular price.

This good-looking easel supports whatever medium your kids are feeling on a given day. There’s a dry-erase board, chalkboard, paper-roll holder with a child-safe paper cutter. It also comes with plastic trays for paint and clips to keep the current masterpiece securely attached.

If you've got space to squirrel it away, snap up this incredible doll domicile before the holidays: It's normally $150.

The open-side design means every kid who’s playing gets access, which helps cut down on squabbling. The six-room house comes with 15 pieces of furniture, and also has an elevator and a garage.

Every kid loves a great play kitchen, and this stellar one is normally $200.

The kitchen has a large oven, realistic-looking burners and a two-shelf refrigerator, along with a (pretend!) drink dispenser and milkshake mixer. On the restaurant side, kids will find a booth and a jukebox with a coin slot (drop the included coin in, and it shows up in the kitchen—rinse and repeat). Other fun details include a spinning cake plate and pass-through window, but note that food items and other accessories must be bought separately.

This fantastic AT-ST Raider model building kit is normally $50.

This killer raider model includes four Star Wars minifigure characters: The Mandalorian, Cara Dune and 2 Klatooinian Raider, plus three blaster rifles and a blaster. That’s enough for any Jedi.

Every Star Wars fan must, and we do mean must, own this classic set, down from $40.

This ultra-detailed Snowspeeder ship even comes with a Lando Calrissian minifigure with a display stand. The Snowspeeder itself features laser cannons, spring-loaded shooters, stud shooter and a harpoon.

Share your own childhood movie memories with this classic, iconic Walker from The Empire Strikes Back, which is normally $30.

To celebrate two decades of collaboration, Lego has brought back a classic machine from the original trilogy. This 250-piece kit, aimed at kids six and up, includes the Walker, dwarf spider droid, four minifigures, and a “trench section” set piece to recreate the classic cold-weather assault scene.

Lego comes to life with this buildable, interactive Porg. It's normally $70, so this is a total score.

One of the most memorable characters from The Last Jedi is now available with this seven-inch-tall Porg. The 811-piece kit is a harder build than inanimate kits, so children nine and up are best suited for this set. Once completed, press on the tail to make the mouth gape and the wings flap. A Porg fact plaque is also included for display.

One of the most iconic vehicles in the Star Wars universe should be considered a must-have for any fan. It’s on sale for $55, down from $80.

Do we really need to justify the purchase of an X-Wing ? Luke Skywalker and the Rebel Alliance’s legendary attack fighter is comprised of 731 pieces and includes two minifigures (including Skywalker himself), along with two R2 droids. Push a lever and its wings shift from together to the attacking “X.” It’s best for ages eight and up.

Elsa's gorgeous jewelry box Lego set from Frozen 2 is down from $40.

We like this jewelry box Lego set because it’s not too gag-inducing princess-themed. Plus, kids can store their treasures in it, and it includes a mirror, drawer, and lock. It’s a wintertime activity worthy of the film.

Normally $50, this Frozen 2 Lego set is a gorgeous treehouse featuring three iconic characters.

Kids play with Anna, Olaf and Mattias, while they explore the enchanted forest and discover mythical ancient stones. There’s even a zip line and a flying fish toy function.

If you or your kid loves Marvel superhero minifigures most of all, this is the set for you. And it's normally $60.

The 524-piece Iron Man Hall of Armor set comes with five different Iron Man suits and an Outrider. Kids can take apart and rearrange each module to their heart’s content while also swapping out the minifigures in the rotating podium with robotic arms. There are also tons of different accessories inspired by Endgame. Think a jet pack, wrench, radar dish, and fire extinguisher: all stuff you’d find inside any Stark Industries lab.

Normally $40, this Marvel Lego set lets kids build a city-scape and then blow it all up in a Hydro-Man attack.

Great for kids seven and up, this set pays homage to Spider-Man and is new for 2019. You get MJ, Peter Parker, Mysterio, and Hydro-Man, along with a buildable base and a rat figure. Because rats live in the enclosed under sewer, of course.

What's better than a dollhouse? A LEGO Friends Friendship House your kids can build themselves—that's also way less than $70.

The idea behind this four-story LEGO abode is that it’s a converted fire station, which means it comes with fun extras like a pole, working pulley system and garage. The LEGO friends can live their best lives thanks to the juice bar, hot tub, slide and friendship tree (it includes swings, of course). It’s designed for kids ages 6 to 12, and also comes with three doll mini figures, a dog and a hamster with his own wheel.

Harry Potter fans will dig this magical Lego set, which is normally $20.

If your kids love J.K. Rowlings’ Fantastic Beasts movies, they’ll enjoy replicating one of the most dramatic scenes in bricks: The airborne escape of the dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald. The kit comes with two figures, Grindelwald and Seraphina, as well as a winged Thestral. Some Harry Potter fans also report that this carriage works well as an add-on to the LEGO Hogwarts set.

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