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Amazon Black Friday Deals: Apple AirPods Pro Are On Sale!

Score great deals on toys, parenting gear, and a slew of other stuff.

Black Friday is traditionally the day after Thanksgiving, and marks the informal start of the holiday Christmas shopping season. And one of the smartest, fastest ways to score great products at great prices is to go hit Amazon Black Friday deals. Already we’re seeing some fairly mind-blowing Apple Watch Black Friday deals plus savings on Garmin watches and Coway air purifiers. You name it.

Apple AirPods Pro

The AirPods Pro are normally $249; they have the coveted noise-cancellation feature we've wanted.

We can’t believe these coveted AirPods Pro are already discounted, but here we are. They’re sweat-resistant and water-resistant, and most of all, have active noise cancellation.

Amazon Black Friday: What You Need to Know

Last November, Amazon announced that Cyber Monday as its single biggest shopping day of the year, while the five days between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday broke records. Customers in the U.S. purchased millions more products over the five day period versus the same time period last year. Throughout the five shopping days, Amazon customers ordered more than 180 million items.

When Do the Amazon Black Friday Deals Start?

Officially, not until Nov. 29. But in actuality, they start Nov. 22 and last through the week. And in fact, there’s a ton of deals happening now. Expect major savings on Apple devices and Apple watches, Amazon Echo devices, gaming consoles, and Ring doorbells.

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How to Score the Best Deals on Amazon on Black Friday 2019

Plan ahead and be on the lookout. Know what you want, keep an eye on it, and strike when the price drops. Of course, Amazon runs lighting deals, which go for a set amount of time until an item sells out. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. See below for a preview of what’s to come.

Amazon Devices Black Friday Sale Prices

Starting November 22:

Fire HD 8 is $30 off

Fire HD 8 Kids Edition is $50 off

Fire 7 Tablet is $20 off

Fire 7 Kids Edition is $40 off

Fire HD 10 Tablet is $50 off

Kindle Paperwhite is $45 off

Ring Video Doorbell Pro + Echo Show 5 bundle is $149.99 off

·Starting November 24:

Fire TV Stick with 4K with Alexa Voice Remote is $25 off

Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote is $20 off

Fire TV Cube is $30 off – just $89.99

Starting November 27:

Blink XT2 3 Camera Kit is $65 off

Ring indoor cam 2 pack is $40 off

Amazon Smart Plug is $20 off

Starting November 28:

Echo Dot with clock is $25 off

Echo Dot is $27.99 off

Echo Auto is $20 off

Echo (3rd gen) is $40 off

Echo Show 5 is $40 off

Echo Show is $80 off

Amazon Black Friday Deals of the Day

Without further ado, here are some standout Black Friday sales and deals that you can score now. Minus the crazy crowds, or pre-dawn wakeup times. These are the best prices, for the products we all covet.

You can cook an entire roast in the Ninja Foodi, and it's down from $249.99.

Soggy fries and overdone chicken getting you down? Get the Ninja Foodi pressure cooker combo. Thanks to its TenderCrisp technology that lets you to cook stuff, then use the Crisping Lid to give your meals a lovely golden finish, you will legit never have limp, tasteless food again. It also steams, so you get perfect broccoli. 

We're pretty much obsessed with Master & Dynamic's studio-quality headphones, and these are normally $349.

With these headphones, you get noise-cancellation, a powerful Bluetooth signal range, a 16-hour rechargeable battery, and beautiful headphones made from cowhide leather, lambskin leather, stainless steel, and aluminum.

So your kids have been harassing you for a phone? Get them the Relay kids phone, normally $49.99, the ideal screen-free solution.

The Relay kids’ phone is screen-free walkie-talkie based system for staying in touch. Plus, parents can GPS track where their kids are at any given time, using the app.

Sennheiser makes some seriously sick headphones, and these earbuds are down from $299.95.

We dig the transparent hearing feature on these earbuds, which let you be aware of your surroundings while listening to music. Plus, you can fingertip control your music, calls, and voice assistant by using touchpad technology.

Apple Black Friday Deals

Our eyes popped out when saw the price on this Apple Watch, which is normally $749.

These Apple Watch deals never get old. This is the Apple Watch Series 4, the GPS and cellular model. It has electrical and optical heart sensors, and ECG app, a digital crown with haptic feedback, and a speaker that’s doubly loud than in previous models. 

The Apple Watch Series 5 GPS and cellular is normally $799, but not anymore.

This model of the fantastic Apple Watch is loaded with features, including a 64-bit dual-core processor, a W3 Apple wireless chip, barometric altimeter, optical heart sensor, electrical heart sensor, and an ambient light sensor. It has up to 18 hours of battery life.

If you've been holding off on getting the new WiFi Apple Watch 5, now is the time to pull the trigger.

The WiFi-only model of the Apple Watch 5 is the cheapest we’ve seen it. It has a far wider display area, a second generation optical heart sensor, and an electrical heart sensor. It has fall detection and a digital crown with haptic feedback. Plus it has up to 18 hours of battery life.

Normally $199, the latest iteration of the Apple AirPods comes with a wireless charging case.

This set of Apple AirPods lets you double-tap to play or skip forward, and features the upgraded H1 headphone chip that gives you faster wireless connection to your devices.

The Apple Watch Series 4 is down from its regular price of $399, so it's a great option if you're not hungry for the latest and greatest model.

The Apple Watch Series 4 is an upgrade over the third edition. Why? Because it has a larger display area, a thinner case, and a second-generation optical heart sensor, as well as 64-bit dual-core S4 processor, which is up twice as fast as the S3 processor found in the Apple Watch 3.

The newest Apple iPad is down from $429, so get it while you can and you won't regret it.

This is a major bargain on the newest version of the iPad, with a 10.2 inch display, WiFi, 128GB of storage and an 8MP back camera, plus 1. 2MP FaceTime HD front camera. You’ll win Christmas.

The latest model of Apple's AirPods are the cheapest we've ever seen

The newest version of the brand’s beloved yet pricey AirPods are automatically on and automatically connected. They connect to Siri. You just double-tap them to play or skip forward. Best of all, the new Apple H1 headphone chip delivers faster wireless connection to your devices. 

Black Friday Toy Deals

This magnetic block starter set can be played with hundreds of different ways, and is normally $49.99.

Every child development expert will tell you that open-ended toys are the way to go, and this set of starter magnetic blocks can be used to make anything your kid dreams up.

This $320 set of Brio trains will keep kids occupied for hours.

Kids three and up can create entire worlds with this amazing set from Brio. It includes passenger trains, freight trains, harbor scenes, stations, cranes, bridges and figures. Should we go on?

Kids can open up and run their own ice cream parlor, with this $50 set.

Great for preschoolers, this set encourages pretend play by letting kids open and operate their very own ice cream shop, complete with fake cash.

OSMO makes some pretty great STEM toys, including this $70 problem-solving game.

Kids five and up draw stuff, bring it to life on an iPad, and then solve problems and overcome challenges to move forward.

Another big hit this year is this $97 interactive bear, who has more than 100 sound and movement combinations and doubles as a sleep companion.

Great for ages four and up, this bear is a standout because when you put him into sleep mode, he makes soothing sounds and helps kids go to sleep.

This magical $60 unicorn sings with kids when they hold up a microphone and lets them style her.

Also great for kids four and up, Myla is a fully tricked-out unicorn who lights up when kids use the magic color-transferring brush on her. She’s totally unique and totally fun.

Normally $30, this sloth teaches toddlers about colors, letters and numbers.

When kids ​​press the buttons on this sloth, they’ll hear songs and phrases about the alphabet, numbers, opposites and colors.

Normally $20, this lifelike cookie set helps little kids make sense of the world around them.

This 28-piece food set is designed to help kids three and older understand the world around them through play, in this case by engaging with toy versions of stuff they see adults using every day.

This dazzling, detailed Playmobil ice palace set is normally $139.99.

This captivating set, ideal for kids four and older, has a throne and a light-up floor. Plus, there’s a spiral staircase, the princess’ chamber, and hoop skirt that changes patterns in the cold.

Kids love the Melissa & Doug grocery store, and this market is normally a cool $200.

To bring imaginative play to delicious and engaging new levels, the set, aimed at kids three and up, comes with a hand-cranked conveyor belt, bagging area, card swipe machine, beeping scanner and cash drawer. 

Lego Black Friday Deals

One of the most iconic Harry Potter Lego sets is down from $60.

Sorry to be hokey, but kids will be spellbound by this Lego set. The set includes the Hogwarts Whomping Willow has spinning branches, the flying Ford Anglia toy car, and the Hogwarts castle.

The Resistance Y-Wing Starfighter is yet another alphabetically named ship, and it's down from $70.

It has spring-loaded and trigger-activated weapons, a Rise of Skywalker-specific color scheme, and five, count ’em, five included minifigures including Zorii Bliss, complete with golden helmet.

The Lego Star Wars set has kids building Rey's transport speeder jet toy and a treadspeeder bike for less than $40.

Want two ships in one set? Then you want the Pasaana Speeder Chase. In the transport speeder, Rey and BB-8 try to escape from a First Order Treadspeeder with a driver and trooper. For kids who like races, it’s the best Lego Star Wars set since Anakin’s podracer.

This fantastic AT-ST Raider model building kit is normally $50.

This killer raider model includes four Star Wars minifigure characters: The Mandalorian, Cara Dune and 2 Klatooinian Raider, plus three blaster rifles and a blaster. That’s enough for any Jedi.

Elsa's gorgeous jewelry box Lego set from Frozen 2 is down from $40.

We like this jewelry box Lego set because it’s not too gag-inducing princess-themed. Plus, kids can store their treasures in it, and it includes a mirror, drawer, and lock. It’s a wintertime activity worthy of the film.

Normally $50, this Frozen 2 Lego set is a gorgeous treehouse featuring three iconic characters.

Kids play with Anna, Olaf and Mattias, while they explore the enchanted forest and discover mythical ancient stones. There’s even a zip line and a flying fish toy function.

Instant Pot Black Friday Deals

Woot! The six-quart, WiFi-enabled Instant Pot is FINALLY down from $149.95.

You can control this Instant Pot using Alexa, because it’s WiFi-enabled. It’s a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice/porridge cooker, yogurt maker, cake maker, saute/searing machine, steamer, and food warmer. It also monitors pressure, temperature, keeps time, and adjusts heating intensity and duration for perfect results. 

The six quart Instant Pot was $99.95. Best price ever for the perfect dinner companion, which makes enough food for six people.

You know the Instant Pot. You love the Instant Pot. And you need this six-quart Instant Pot, which also serves as an electric pressure cooker, rice cooker, slow cooker, yogurt maker, steamer, food warmer, and sauté powerhouse. It’s seven gadgets in one.

The Instant Pot Ultra is down from $149.95, and you can even use it to sterilize bottles or make a cake.

This Instant Pot replaces 10 kitchen appliances, because it’s a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice/porridge cooker, yogurt maker, cake maker, egg cooker, saute/searing machine, steamer, warmer, and sterilizer. Yup, it sterilizes bottles. Seriously.

Roomba Black Friday Deals

Yes, the docking station is huge, but so is this Roomba's cleaning power. Especially when it's not $1,099.00.

Two great things about this top of the line Roomba robotic vacuum: It automatically disposes of dust and garbage that it sucks up, so you don’t have to empty the bin daily. And its cleaning power really is second to none. You can control it remotely, and it’s just as incisive on hardwoods as it is on carpets.

Another great Roomba deal, this time down from $799. This Roomba has multi-surface brushes that don't get tangled with pet hair, so this vac is great for homes with dogs and cats.

This Roomba has a three-stage cleaning system to pick up the hair and crud you see and the allergens you don’t. It has 10 times more sucking power than older models.

Black Friday Baby Deals

If you want a top-rated jogging stroller, get this set, down from $200.

This baby jogging stroller includes a car seat for infant 5-30 pounds. The stroller itself features a lockable front swivel wheel for jogging. The handle is extra wide, ergonomically shaped and foam padded. The stroller can accommodate children up to 50 pounds and 42 inches tall.

The beloved Joovy high chair is normally $120.

This high chair, which accommodates kids up to 50 pounds, has a removable swing open tray with four adjustable positions, and a compact, one-hand, standing fold with carry handle. 

This Graco baby swing is normally $200. It's loaded with options, giving you eight ways to swing your baby around.

This is your baby’s personal massage chair. You can bounce, move it in a circle, zig-zag, sway, and do a figure eight. The swing has a multi-direction seat that lets your baby enjoy either side-to-side or front-to-back swinging. And it doubles as a removable baby rocker. The max weight limit is 25 pounds. 

The Fisher-Price baby swing is regularly $160 and has six swing speeds, plus 16 soothing songs and sounds.

With this baby swing, you choose from a variety of soothing options to find the calming combination that works best for your baby. It plugs into a wall, thereby eliminating the need for batteries. Plus it has a mirrored dome to keep your baby engaged. The max weight limit is 25 pounds.

Normally $240, this is the gold standard in baby bouncers and something you'll use every day.

This gorgeous baby bouncer has four positions, for rest and play, and folds flat for storage or transporting. Its natural bouncing movements means you don’t need batteries or plugs. It’s suitable for newborns, up to kids aged two. 

We love Skip Hop's baby gear, including this $130 bouncer. It's basically a Garmin for your infant.

Ideal for babies four months and up, this bouncer has a counter to track your baby’s jumps, plays music, has flashing lights, and a 360-degree rotating seat. Plus it has clip-on, movable toys that parents can switch out if the baby gets bored with them.

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