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The 9 Best-Smelling, Last-All-Day Colognes for Men

These scents go the distance

The biggest challenge in choosing the best smelling cologne for men isn’t in finding one that smells wonderful the moment you spray it on. The real challenge is finding a men’s cologne that still smells like…well, anything at all, five hours later. Discovering a long-lasting cologne is a big win.

A scent’s ability to last is determined by several factors, including concentration, quality, and application. The higher the concentration of scented oils used, the stronger your cologne will smell. And the better the quality of the oils, the longer the fragrance molecules will remain on your skin. Part of this has to do with application. It’s is essential to know where to apply cologne so that it stays strong over the course of the day. When you’re done with your shower, spray your pulse points. You want to focus on your neck, chest, and wrists. If that’s not enough for you, spray a mist in the air and walk under it, so the fragrance stays on your clothes as well.

Pay attention to the scent composition of your cologne, too. Amber and musk have better sillage, which is a fancy way of saying their smell lingers in the air longer, rather than evaporating quickly. Floral and fruitier fragrances tend to start off strong but fade faster. Whatever cologne you choose, you can get more mileage out of it by applying it to well-moisturized skin. The better lubricated your body’s surface, the easier it is for the scent molecules to stay put on the surface of the skin. A long-lasting cologne for men that also smells great might be a unicorn, but we’ve got you covered. Here are eight of the best-smelling, and longest lasting colognes for men.

The Best-Smelling Cologne for Men

Sure, you could get one of the other eight colognes on this list and end up smelling like some variant of a Macy's counter. Or you could go with one of the scents from Juniper Ridge. Distilled from wild-harvested essential oils and then suspended in beeswax, they warm with the press of a finger and leave you smelling like pine, cedar, white sage, or redwood. In short, it's the easiest way impress Nick Offerman, should you ever run into him.

Chanel may have made its bones in women's fragrances, but Bleu has been an annual best-seller since its release (the brand's first in six years) in 2010. Grapefruit, sandalwood, and cedar combine for a manly scent that's equally at home on date night or at the nearby cigar bar with the boys.

Hawthorne knows that there's no one scent for every man, so it has its wearers complete a quick survey as to what they're currently wearing and what they like (trust us, it's easy). It then sends the customer two scents based on this unique profile: one for work and one for play. Apply liberally.

CK One was famous as a unisex perfume, so Le Labo's latest isn't without precedent. With floral notes of cardamom, iris, and violet, it then dudes it up with Australian sandalwood, papyrus, and cedar. It's a heady combination, but that complex man in your life may just appreciate it.

This intense fragrance features an enticing blend of amber, wood, tonka bean, and spice. Though it’s no guarantee of the scent’s strength, it’s worth noting that the aroma was inspired by Italy’s volcanic island of Stromboli, where periodic fiery eruptions spew lava and dark rocks across the moody black sand beaches.

This earthy, woodsy men's cologne is a pretty damn fine blend of traditional and modern. Both crisp and strong, it has a strong masculine vibe thanks to a blend of green vetiver and patchouli. Plus, there's a refreshing element of citrus. All this is a long way of saying, it's a scent that stays fresh all day.

Though technically lighter than the eau de parfum, this eau de toilette packs a big enough punch to take you through the workday and then some. Extracts from musky ambroxan (a derivative of sludge you find floating on the surface of the ocean — it’s a thing, trust us), bold Sichuan pepper, and exotic bergamot come together to create a powerful scent.

With this Hugo Boss cologne, you can go a little heavier by spraying it on the neck, torso, and biceps to increase the intensity. The label calls it potent, and while we probably wouldn’t go that far, the smell here is undeniably bold and masculine. A leathery base and ginger top note put end caps on a cologne that opens up over time, moving from musky to spicy by day’s end.

This heady blend of tobacco and vanilla is absolutely delicious, and decidedly masculine. One or two misting sprays will last you all day.

Sure, it's not as fancy as other scents on this list, and yet it's the smell of men for generations. Your grandfather splashed it on after drawing a straight razor across his cheeks every morning. With nearly a hundred years behind it, you're following in the footsteps of greatness.

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