7 Natural Deodorants For Men That Actually Smell Great and Fight Stink

Natural deodorants have come a long way since their pine-scented days.

Natural deodorants have a bad rep. Based on the premise that anything unsafe to eat should not be slathered over the surface of your body’s largest organ, natural deodorants are made primarily from, well, natural oils and plant extracts. While undoubtedly safer, there’s always been a lingering question of whether or not they can effectively mask your body odor. Well, they can. Natural deodorants have come a long way since their early pine-scented products, and there are several options that not only smell great but also keep your stink at bay. Like these seven here. Take a look.

Native Deodorant

This scent-free formula is made without aluminum, parabens, phthalates, or talc, and the solid application won’t leave wet marks or streaks. Using baking soda to remove odors and arrowroot powder to absorb wetness, this brand prides itself on including only ingredients that you can pronounce, derived from natural sources you trust.

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Oars + Alps Active Armor Natural Deodorant

A rising brand in natural men’s grooming products, the label uses cornstarch to dampen odors and botanicals to decrease the bacteria that are the real culprits for causing stinky pits. It’s worth noting that this brand derives its name from an enthusiasm for rowing and climbing. In other words, this stuff is made to meet the needs of active men.

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Herban Cowboy Forest Maximum Protection Deodorant

Yeah, it’s name involves a terrible pun. But look past it. Made without any animal or animal-derived products, the deodorant is also free of aluminum, alcohol, parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, and triclosan. If that isn’t enough to make you feel warm and fuzzy, consider that it also features recyclable packaging and, oh yeah, it works.

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Wunderbar Organic Deodorant Paste

In, well, general, Portland General Store produces the cream of the crop natural grooming products. Their Wunderbar deodorant is made from beeswax and honey produced right in the store’s backyard. The paste takes a little getting used to, as you apply it with fingers rather than a traditional stick. But you won’t mind when you see how well the subtle lavender scent works to mask body odor all day long.

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Arm & Hammer Essentials Natural Deodorant

Let’s cut to the chase: It won’t look pretty on the bathroom counter, and there’s zero effort in the packaging to make you think this is anything other than baking soda. Then again, that’s the active ingredient in pretty much every one of the natural deodorants once you peel back all those other fancy floral and cedar notes. So take this one for what it’s worth: A totally reliable, extremely affordable, highly functional odor killer that we’d recommend even if it wasn’t all-natural.

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Tom’s of Maine North Woods Men’s Long Lasting Wide Stick Deodorant

Odor-fighting hops provide serious protection in this deodorant from one of the country’s original natural-focused skin-care brands. While the label suggest 24-hour protection, you’re likely to find it lasts the workday (which is what really matters, anyway). The classic fresh scent is formulated with aloe for sensitive skin and sunflower oil to keep your pits from feeling itchy.

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