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Best Natural Deodorants For Men

Natural deodorants have come a long way since their pine-scented days.

Natural deodorants for men have a bad rep. Which is we set out to find the best natural deodorants that also, you know, work.

Based on the premise that anything unsafe to eat should not be slathered over the surface of your body’s largest organ, natural deodorants are made primarily from, well, natural oils and plant extracts. While undoubtedly safer, there’s always been a lingering question of whether or not they can effectively mask your body odor. Well, they can. Natural deodorants have come a long way since their early pine-scented products, and there are several options that not only smell great but also keep your stink at bay.

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Bear in mind that the term “natural” isn’t regulated. And also bear in mind that these natural deodorants are not anti-perspirants, which, as the name indicates, actually help stop you from sweating because they use aluminum salts. That being said, these are solid picks for those of us who care what we put on our skin. Plus, they happen to smell great.

This deodorant goes on clear and is made with organic coconut oil, for a lightly tropical and beachy scent.

Kopari’s natural deodorant counts coconut as its key ingredient. This aluminum-free deodorant goes on clear, isn’t sticky, and keeps your pits nice and fresh. Some folks do note that it doesn’t keep you fresh all day, because it’s not an anti-perspirant. So you may need to reapply.

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Schmidt's is an industry leader when it comes to natural deodorant. This product neutralizes odor, and is made without aluminum, propylene glycol, parabens, phthalates, and artificial fragrances.

Note that this Schmidt’s natural deodorant goes on strong, but the smell mellows out. It lasts all day for most folks. And it does a nice job of covering up B.O.

This deodorant cream is made on a small farm in Tennessee. It's aluminum-free and baking soda-free, and won't stain your shirts.

This is a deodorant cream, not a roll-on, made without baking soda or aluminum. Its key ingredients include magnesium and coconut oil. Other ingredients include organic arrowroot powder, organic jojoba oil, beeswax, organic vegetable glycerine, and organic and natural essential oils. Fans swear by this product for keeping them dry for 24 hours, and causing zero irritation.

Native's deodorant is made without aluminum, parabens, phthalates, and talc.

This lightly scented formula is made without aluminum, parabens, phthalates, or talc, and the solid application won’t leave wet marks or streaks. Using baking soda to remove odors and arrowroot powder to absorb wetness, this brand prides itself on including only ingredients that you can pronounce, derived from natural sources you trust.

This deodorant goes on clear, is aluminum-free and is full of antioxidants to soothe skin.

A rising brand in natural men’s grooming products, the label uses cornstarch to dampen odors and botanicals to decrease the bacteria that are the real culprits for causing stinky pits. It’s worth noting that this brand derives its name from an enthusiasm for rowing and climbing. In other words, this stuff is made to meet the needs of active men.

This non-greasy deodorant is made from vegan ingredients and is not tested on animals.

Yeah, it’s name involves a terrible pun. But look past it. Made without any animal or animal-derived products, the deodorant is also free of aluminum, alcohol, parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, and triclosan. If that isn’t enough to make you feel warm and fuzzy, consider that it also features recyclable packaging and, oh yeah, it works.

This workhorse deodorant isn't fancy, but it contains Arm & Hammer baking soda and plant extracts to absorb and fight odor.

Let’s cut to the chase: It won’t look pretty on the bathroom counter, and there’s zero effort in the packaging to make you think this is anything other than baking soda. Then again, that’s the active ingredient in pretty much every one of the natural deodorants once you peel back all those other fancy floral and cedar notes. So take this one for what it’s worth: A totally reliable, extremely affordable, highly functional odor killer that we’d recommend even if it wasn’t all-natural.

Tom's aluminum-free deodorant sticks use odor-fighting hops to provide solid odor protection.

Odor-fighting hops provide serious protection in this deodorant from one of the country’s original natural-focused skin-care brands. While the label suggest 24-hour protection, you’re likely to find it lasts the workday (which is what really matters, anyway). The classic fresh scent is formulated with aloe for sensitive skin and sunflower oil to keep your pits from feeling itchy.

Yes, the brand's name does sound like a race horse. This is an essential oil-based deodorant that keeps you fresh without harsh chemicals.

If you’re concerned about aluminum, this deodorant is made without it. Instead, it relies on essential oils to keep the stank away.

This natural deodorant only has four ingredients: magnesium oxide, beeswax, and essential oils,

If you have super-sensitive skin, try this deodorant. Why? It’s completely free of aluminum, baking soda, propylene glycol, and other preservatives. Instead, the brand uses essential oils to combat the stink.

This all-natural deodorant smells like lavender, eucalyptus and a touch of honey and has zero dubious stuff in it.

So get this: You’ll recognize every ingredient on this list. Coconut oil, cruelty-free beeswax, baking soda, organic avocado butter, organic sunflower oil, organic castor oil, epsom salt, raw organic honey, organic lavender essential oil, hydrogen peroxide, organic eucalyptus essential oil, bergamot essential oil, and vitamin E. And that, folks, is what’s in this natural deodorant.

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