Julia Savacool

Julia Savacool is a writer and editor in New York City, covering topics of fitness, health, wellness, and lifestyle. Her stories have won the United Nations Friends of the World Food Program Media Award, the NARAL Pro-Choice Media Award, and the Los Angeles Commission on Assaults Against Women Humanitarian Award for domestic violence coverage. Savacool is an avid runner who has completed more than a dozen marathons.

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6 Ankle Mobility Exercises To Keep You Agile And In The Game

It’s not your imagination — the joints that connect your feet to the rest of you get stiffer as you get older. Here’s what to do about it.

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The Best Damn Bodyweight Workout

Don't take our word for it — try out this 15-minute, 7-move workout, and your fitness routine will thank you.

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10 Bench Press Alternatives To Get Results On A Workout Bench

The bench press is a staple of every strength-training routine, but workout bench moves don't stop there.

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The Best Home Dumbbell Workout For Building Muscle

Who needs a gym membership? When you have a set of dumbbells, you can build serious muscle from the comfort of your home.

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How To Get Amazing “Lower Abs,” Fast

Technically, "lower abs" aren’t a thing. But if your goal is to sculpt your midsection, we're here for you.

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Target Heart Rate Exercises To Max Out Your Cardio

The faster your pulse, the better your results. Here’s how to get major fat-burning, muscle-building benefits from your next workout.

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This 20-Minute Stairs Workout Burns Fat And Builds Cardio

One of the fastest ways to get in shape is also one of the simplest.  

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This Forearm Workout Will Build Your Functional Strength All Over

These muscles play a major role in everything from opening a pickle jar to doing a pull-up. Get to it.

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This Upper Chest Workout Will Help You Lose Your Man Boobs For Good

The best way to vanquish man boobs and look fit is a focused — and scorching — upper chest workout.

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The Ultimate Morning Stretch Routine

7 stretches to do every day.

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The Best Pull Day Workout Routine For Men

Build stronger back, bicep, core, hamstring, and glute muscles with this workout.

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Burn 1,000 Calories In This No-Holds-Barred Workout

Can you make it through?


10 Early Signs Of Labor That Tell You The Baby Is Near

Your very pregnant wife is going to give birth any moment now.

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The Best Push Day Workout Routine For Men

Build stronger triceps, pecs, quads and more with these moves.

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7 Ways To Build Functional Fitness Without Ever Hitting The Gym

You really don’t need to hit the gym to get in shape. These functional fitness moves will do the trick.

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How To Get Rid Of Neck Fat Once And For All

A comprehensive exercise plan to do away with the most stubborn kind of fat.

Mental Health

5 Mindfulness Exercises You Can Do In Under 5 Minutes

Your one-stop shop for finding focus and calm — anytime, anywhere. 

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The Best Stretching Routine For Men, In 15 Stretches

These stretches will help you prevent injury and stay limber for life.

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5 Core Exercises That Simply Don’t Work

Not all core work is equal.

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The 10 Biggest Workout Mistakes Men Make And How To Fix Them

If you’re putting in the time but failing to see the gains (or losses) you want, it's probably due to one of these common errors.