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You’ll Be the Lord of the Flies With This Salt-Firing Gun

It's the most fun pest control device we've ever seen.

The Fatherly offices were recently invaded by a small but persistent group of flies. Periodic attempts at swatting them out of mid-air were inevitably followed by unprintable exclamations.

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If only we’d had the Bug-A-Salt 2.0 Fly Gun. Its dad joke moniker aside, this ridiculous product is a non-toxic and, if you have decent aim, effective way to reduce the fly population in your general vicinity.

Simply load it up with salt and slide the pump-action handle toward you. A scope will pop up on top of the barrel. Push the handle forward, take aim at your prey —  spiders and soft-bodied insects like houseflies, mosquitos, small to medium-sized roaches, and moths within three feet are ideal — and squeeze the trigger.

Beyond its effectiveness, the Bug-A-Salt is just fun. It turns the fight against flies into a game, a source of amusement instead of frustration.

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The gun sprays a pinch of salt, immobilizing your target without splattering its guts everywhere, so clean-up is easy. The salt won’t damage your home or furniture, doesn’t have an odor, and doesn’t pose a risk to kids or pets, unlike toxic pest control solutions.

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The gun holds enough salt for 80 shots, and the manufacturer recommends old-fashioned table salt. Sea salt can clump together and kosher salt has larger crystals that don’t go through the mechanism as smoothly.

For Prime Day, the Bug-A-Salt is available for just $30, $12 off its usual price, a deal so good you don’t have to take it with a grain of salt.

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