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Best Bug Zappers

Stop the bastards before they bite you.

Mosquitos have been called the world’s deadliest animal by none other than Bill Gates. And that’s just one reason you need a bug zapper, to keep mosquitos away when you’re sipping a beer outside.

Mosquitos carry brutal diseases, including malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever, and encephalitis. More locally, they can spread Zika and West Nile Virus. Plus, mosquito bites just suck, quite literally.

If you’d rather not douse yourself or your kids with bug spray while sitting in your backyard, you need to invest in a bug zapper worthy of the job. While no bug zapper is foolproof, some work better than others at attracting and killing the biting beasts. These are some of the highest-rated ones on Amazon.

There's something truly addictive about waving this tennis racket around to zap mosquitos. It's

Pros: This battery-operated racket kills bugs on contact. It has one layer so it’s easy to clean and no gross bugs get trapped inside it. And it’s chemical-free.

Cons: If you have kids, make sure they realize this is not an actual tennis racket toy.

This bug zapper works by using Octenol to attract mosquitos, and then kill them via its UV light and electrified grid.

Pros: This lantern kills mosquitos by attracting them and zapping them via a UV light and an electrified grid. The Octenol is a chemical that also helps lure them in. It covers one acre and is for outdoor use only.

Cons: You do need to buy refills for it, if you want it to work at its full capacity.

This bug zapper lantern has double mesh grid that kills more bugs. The UV light attracts them, and then they die on the 800 volt grid. There's a tray that collects the dead mosquitos.

Pros: We like the plastic grid covering this zapper, to stop any curious kids from reaching inside. And the weatherproof bug zapper can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Cons: The cord is very short, so make sure you have access to an outlet.

This noiseless, plug-in bug zapper attracts bug by emitting high-intensity UV light and killing them on its electric grid.

Pros: Use this plug-in bug zapper in kitchens or bathrooms. It’s totally chemical-free and great for smaller spaces.

Cons: Cleaning it is a pain. You remove the lid and clean the mosquitoes out.

This indoor bug zapper lures bugs and then zaps them on its grid. It comes with two ultraviolet bulbs which are especially designed to attract flying insects.

Pros: Designed for indoor use only, this bug zapper is easy to clean. You just slide out the tray and empty it out.

Cons: You need to replace the UV bulbs.

If you want your yard to be really, truly bug-free, you need this bug zapper. UV lights attract the bugs, and then they go sayonara.

Pros: This bug zapper covers a whopping two acres of outdoor space and attracts all manner of flying bugs. It’s powerful enough to work near dumpsters, so imagine what it will do in your yard. It mounts vertically or horizontally, and has a removable tray for cleaning.

Cons: You do need to buy the Flowtron BF-130 replacement bulbs and they burn out pretty fast. 

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