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All the Popular Toys That Big Kids Really Want for Christmas This Year

Not to be confused with the toys that you would like to buy for them.

We are parents, and as parents, we put much thought and consideration into the toys we buy our kids. We want said toys — all toys, but especially toys for big kids — to be inspiring and educational, intriguing and challenging, well-made and built to last. And then, there are those other toys. The popular kids’ toys. The ones that are loud and plastic and have nothing much going for them except that they’re fun as hell to play with. These instant gratification toys are the ones that older kids — the same ones who give you side-eye at the mention of anything that’s not a tablet — gleefully, greedily embrace. These are not the worst toys, to be clear: They’re just silly. And if there’s a year when kids need more silliness, this year is it. Here are the best silly toys for big kids (ages 5 and up) this year.

This standout Lego set is finally back in stock. It comes with seven action bricks for different interactions with the LEGO Mario figure; Mario has a color sensor, plus LCD screens in his eyes, mouth and belly to display more than 100 different instant reactions to movement. There's even a speaker.

This is going to sell out. Repeat: It is going to sell out. Pre-order it now while you still can and it will arrive in 2021. And yes, the wait is worth it. The built-in speaker makes series-accurate blaster sounds and there’s an electronic scope with an illuminated lens.

A toy canine Jeff Koons might have dreamed up, this one can be deflated and then reinflated. It farts. It begs. And kids can train it using the squeaker toy

This box contains 50+ plus pieces that kids can use to build Junkbots. They can mix and match pieces to create whatever they want. And they can animate them with either a motor or dynamic vibrations.

Sherbet is an interactive, potty-trained flamingo who loves to sing, wiggle, chat, eat, and poop. His poops turns into food and then morphs back into poop. You can see the appeal. Obviously.

When kids touch the head of the mystical Child, they get over 25 sound and motion combinations. The Child giggles, babbles, moves his ears back and forth, and opens and closes his eyes. Bone broth not included.

Last year we had an owl toy that learned to fly. And now, we have flying pixies! Kids launch the pixie from the base or lift her into the air, then use their hands to guide her. If her wings are touched mid-flight, she'll stop flying. She recharges via USB.

At last, a monster blaster worthy of Halo. This motorized, clip-fed blaster unleashes 10 darts in a row and comes with a removable, 10-dart clip and 10 darts. And it includes a game card with a code to unlock a digital asset in the Halo game.

You're not a serious Star Wars aficionado if you don't own this lightsaber. Passed down through generations of warriors, it's now in the hands of Moff Gideon. And it makes sounds inspired by the 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' animated series.

One of this year's most coveted toys, this set includes two — yes two — rock bands and more than 70 surprises. Kids get four L.O.L. Surprise! dolls (and their sisters) and four rock instruments that really play music. Yes, real, actual music. In fact, each instrument has six unique sounds.

Barbie has finally entered the world of surprise toys. This set features 50 surprises that include a Color Reveal Barbie doll, a Color Reveal Chelsea doll and three Color Reveal pets. How does this work? Well, kids remove Color Reveal Barbie from the tube, fill it with warm water, then insert the doll and swirl her around. And when kids pull her out, her features are revealed. Surprise!

This thing is hard to find. But you can sign up for alerts to know when it's back in stock. Seriously, this is something the whole gaming family will appreciate. It loads fast, has insanely cool graphics, and adaptive triggers, plus 3D audio. It's immersive and cool as hell.

Honestly, there are few things more relaxing than a spa day. And this Barbie spa set celebrates self-care. It includes a puppy, a spa station with mask molds, three tubs of Barbie dough, and everything kids need to create the ultimate day of indulgence.

The Mario Kart circuit track includes a Yoshi die-cast kart and a Mario die-cast kart; kids race each other, just like they would if they were playing the video game.

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