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The Best Gifts For New Dads: 36 Ideas For First-Time Fathers

He's got a new baby. And yes, he needs to feel appreciated.

What are the best new dad gifts? It’s a tricky question. Fathers-to-be and first-time-dads and their partners were likely showered with lots of baby gear: bibs, bassinets, baby monitors, and strollers. However, that doesn’t mean he won’t appreciate something entirely different and left-of-field. First-time dads are stressed out and sleep-deprived, so they could do with something that makes them feel a bit special. The best new dad gifts should then be one of two things: something that serves a practical purpose to make his life a little easier, or something fun and unexpected that can help him relax during his rare free time. With that in mind, here’s a collection of the best gifts for new dads.

Best New Dad Gifts

The multipurpose cooler pouch keeps milk cold on the go. A spacious interior offers plenty of room for snacks, while dual mesh pockets hold ice packs.

A quality bottle opener always comes in handy. This one from Areaware, made from sustainably harvested walnut, brings some class to popping the top.

This diaper bag has four large zip-up compartments, seven pockets, and a side bottle holder. It’s also made of 51 recycled water bottles. But the real selling point is its unique roll-out changing mat, which unfurls for easy access. It’s one of the best we’ve tested.

Don’t overthink it. He just had a baby. So why not get him this rad sweatshirt featuring the one and only tea-sipping, knob-playing, Yoda-adjacent child?

This ultra-compact blanket stuffs into a smaller-than-a-smartphone pouch but expands into a 66 x 44-inch waterproof tarp that can fit 2-4 adults. Translation: It’s ideal for trips to the park and even impromptu baby changings.

A sock that's also a slipper? Perfect for those midnight diaper changes and feedings.

Workouts are harder to schedule for the first year of fatherhood. This classic 8-foot-long jump rope lets him get in a quick workout, anytime.

Whether from general stress or contorting himself into various positions to accommodate his child, his muscles will likely ache. This device — a favorite of physical therapists and athletes — allows him to relieve pain, release tightness, and stimulate blood flow.

This ruggedized phone case not only keeps devices from overheating in the sun, but is water-resistant, splash-proof, and floats if dropped in the water.

Coffee is to new parents what diapers are to babies. He'll appreciate this travel coffee mug, which he can control from his phone. It keeps java hot for two hours on a single charge. And he can set his ideal drinking temp, from 120 to 145 degrees.

This canvas tote will last forever. No, seriously, it can survive pretty much anything. It can haul up to 500 pounds' worth of baby gear, and you can customize it with a name or initials that mean something to him.

This insulated mug keeps coffee hot and water cold. Nothing new there. But, as always, Yeti nails the nice touches: It’s made of stainless steel; it’s lid actually locks in place; the handle is wide-enough for even the chubbiest fingers (or gloved hands); and the exterior won’t chip, fade, or scratch.

Consider this multitool a modern version of pocketknives of yore. It has 12 tools (including, yes, tiny scissors, tweezers, a blade and multiple screwdrivers) but, best of all, doesn’t require you to flick the needed tool out with a fingernail. Blades pop-open with a thumb push, while a magnetic closure system keeps everything in its place.

Fatherhood comes with a lot of stuff. This stroller organizer, compatible with any model, attaches to either the handlebar or behind the seat and provides pockets for everything he needs to bring on daily walks. Outside of the stroller, it converts into a diaper bag tote.

This adjustable mount attaches securely to a stroller's handlebars, fits a variety of phones, and allows dad to watch TV or squeeze in a Facetime with grandma when the baby is asleep in the stroller.

Slim enough to slip into a back pocket or briefcase, this portable charger features a 20,100 mAh battery, packs enough juice to refuel a dead iPhone seven times.

These are sweatpants made of a cotton-cashmere blend. Yeah, that cashmere. Wear them and even the laziest couch days will feel luxurious.

He'll have some rough hair days. Nip them in the bud with this sleek baseball cap, which weighs 4.2 ounces and is made of breathable cotton poplin.

No, this isn’t a very (very) deep V. The shirt, with its large Velcro opening, is made to seamlessly promote skin-to-skin bonding between father and newborn. It’s also very comfortable.

This contoured sleep mask effectively blocks out light, so exhausted new dads can grab a few moments of shuteye.

Whether he sits all day or is simply sore from the gym, this foam roller can ease his muscles back into shape when he stretches. Just make sure he doesn’t neglect his IT band.

Fatherhood is stressful and busy, but slipping in a round (or two) of Super Smash Bros. is fine. The new Nintendo Switch Lite is cheaper and lighter than the original, which means fewer bells and whistles. It’s a portable escape from reality.

Whether he likes to say “self-care or not, this sheet mask is like a cold shower for his face and is ideal for making him look like he actually got sleep last night.

A dead devices are a total buzzkill. So is a lack of needed caffeine. Avoid that at all costs with this charging stand, which ensures he has hot coffee and a fully charged phone. It works with Apple and Android devices.

We get it. Fanny packs seem like hipster paraphernalia. And they are. But even for non-scenesters they also provide a very crucial hands-free benefit. Bandicoot's medium-sized waist pack fits all his everyday essentials.

Keep your drinks cold with these six handcrafted chilling stones made from natural granite. The set comes with two monogrammed glasses and a serving tray.

When he's on the go with the kiddo, he'll appreciate having this YETI waterproof gear case along for the ride.

This smoke-free portable campfire, which you can use in your yard, burns twigs, pinecones, and sticks.

He can charge his Apple devices insanely fast with this cable, which wraps up neatly when he's done.

This portable speaker delivers 13 hours of sound and hooks right up to the stroller.

We're not fans of overly-cute, gimmicky T-shirts, especially T-shirt combos, but this set is actually pretty great. The infant bodysuit is made of 100 percent ringspun cotton, and the men's T-shirt is also made of preshrunk cotton and a seamless rib collar.

One of the biggest frustrations with baby carriers is that you need an army of people to help you actually put it on. This rugged carrier is eminently easy to use and wear. The front-harness baby carrier gives dad hands-free parenting power, and can be paired with the brand's compatible pouches and carabiners. It’s got a removable, washable cotton liner and is suitable for babies eight to 33 pounds.

Every parent needs a frame. With this excellent digital photo frame, he can showcase thousands of photos without having to head to CVS to print them out.

Speaking of photos this tiny printer fits right into his pocket, and delivers 2-by-3-inch sticky-backed picture.

Newborns can’t eat solids for a while. But that’ll give him plenty of time to practice his pancaking making skills with this new set.

Quite possibly the softest robe he'll put on (and refuse to take off), this one is perfect for midnight diaper changes, or just cuddling the baby on the couch. It's gender-neutral and has two two hip pockets, a folded collar, and waist tie.

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