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The Best Diaper Bags for Dads

These diaper bags, backpacks, messenger bags, and duffels are well-equipped to haul everything you need to fulfill your dadly duties.

Before you had a kid you could leave the house with keys, wallet, and phone and be fine. But once you have a baby, that list gets way longer; everything from diapers to bottles to pacifiers become must-carry items, as does a quality men’s diaper bag. The best diaper bag backpacks for dads can fit all the on-the-go baby gear you need, keep everything well-organized, and provide easy to access. They can do this without making you look like a huge dork, because fatherhood doesn’t mean you sacrifice your sense of style.

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There’s never been a bigger selection of some truly great diaper bags for dads. We’re talking about guy-friendly duffels, messengers, totes, and diaper bag backpacks ⏤ all built for hauling diapers and bottles. And it’s not just about an absence of floral prints, either. Sure, a lot of them rock neutral colors or military styling, but many of these men’s diaper bags are also stacked with cool features like fold-out changing pads, charging stations, and even laptop pockets. If you’re building a baby registry or looking to upgrade from your college Jansport, these diaper bags are worth considering.

Best Diaper Bags For Dads

We love the vegan aesthetic of this brand, which uses all cruelty-free materials for its products.

Pros: You know a diaper bag named after Brooklyn (hence the 718) will be tough enough for anything. This diaper bag is both ultra lightweight and ultra-rugged. It has seven interior and three exterior pockets, plus of course a changing pad. It even has a laptop compartment, and the bag itself is machine washable.

Cons: This is a compact bag. So if you plan on toting around every single baby item in your arsenal, you’ll want to go bigger.

This diaper bag has an external USB port to charge your devices, an insulated thermal pack, and a pull-out caddy. Best of all is its magnetic release lock that directly opens the changing station.

Pros: Not only does this diaper bag not look remotely like a diaper bag, but it has so many awesome features you’d want in a regular backpack. It stands upright, which is a huge bonus when you have a bag that topples over.And it has more than 10 accessible mesh and standard pockets, and an interior caddy system. Plus it charges your phone.

Cons: It’s heavy. So, so heavy. And that’s without diapers, wipes, or bottles in it. It weights just under six pounds when empty.

This diaper bag backpack is all about functionality. It has a diaper hammock, a quick-access baby wipes window, and is extra large so you can bring everything but the crib.

Pros: We’re particular fans of this diaper back backpack’s quick-access flap, which gives you wipes when you need them. And diapers are stored in the diaper hammock at the top of the bag. Plus it has a clamshell opening.

Cons: Believe it or not, it’s too big for some parents. So yes, size is everything.

We like to think of this as a tote bag that doubles as a diaper bag, as opposed to the other way around. It's for the hyper-organized dad, because you get 15 pockets keep all your belongings sorted.

Pros: This diaper bag tote bag weighs slightly more than two pounds. It has a neoprene top handle, a padded back panel for extra airflow, and adjustable stroller loops. You get two interior insulated bottle pockets and one front insulated food storage pocket to keep stuff cool.

Cons: Some wish the front pocket was larger. But that’s the only quibble. And it’s a very small one.

Made from vegan leather, this Honest Company diaper bag backpack has a wipeable PVC-free lining that makes it easy to clean, as well as five interior pockets and a travel bag.

Pros: Honest Company’s popular backpack diaper bag comes with a changing pad, and is made without using any flame-retardant chemicals.

Cons: Use with caution, due to reports of broken zippers.

This diaper bag is packed full of features like a superior roomy interior and 11 practical pockets for ultimate organization. No more pacifiers or bottles going astray.

Pros: If you’re hyper-organized, this is your bag. It has 11 pockets, including two insulated pockets for bottles and food storage. A large zippered front pocket holds wallets, keys, cellphones, and a charger. There’s a removable wipes case and changing pad. You can attach it to your stroller with the stroller loops.

Cons: Size does matter, and the pockets, plus the general size of the bag, are too small for some dads.

No one wants to change a diaper on the floor of a public bathroom. The Paperclip is a backpack diaper bag with a fold-out changing station so you'll never have to. Designed by a couple of dads, it comes in two different styles: the Bear (charcoal black with a single front hook) and the Willow (double latches). You'll be glad you have either when you're stuck dealing with a changing table-less men's room.

Pros: The changing station in this diaper bag is foam-cushioned with pockets that hold wipes and diapers right there when you open it up. It also has an outside-accessible laptop compartment and can easily convert into a messenger bag for a little bit more grown-up look.

Cons: This thing is pretty small, so plan on having to restock it pretty often. If you’re looking to keep a packed diaper bag stowed in the car, for instance, there are cheaper, larger options available.

Billed as both rugged and finely tailored, this backpack from JuJuBe is a simple, handsome bag that weighs just 1.7 pounds before you stuff it full of baby gear. The organization features are super useful, with everything from an insulated bottle pocket to a changing pad that fits nice and neat inside.

Pros: Ju-Ju-Be diaper bags are machine-washable and made of polyester, a fabric that sheds water. The interior of the bag is treated with agio, a substance that helps the fabric resist bacteria, mold, and mildew. The exterior has teflon that resists stains.

Cons: This is a pretty simple pack, so if you’re looking for extra features like phone-charging or materials like leather, this isn’t the bag for you.

So you don't want to lug an entire Costco's worth of diapers, wipes, and snacks with you? Right. Then check out this crossbody sling diaper bag. It has just enough room for essentials like keys, a few dipes and wipes, and two baby bottles.

Pros: As we said, this isn’t your power diaper bag. It’s small, portable, and easy to sling over your right or left shoulder. The main compartment has a wide, dual-zip opening for easy-access, and there’s even a machine-washable cushioned changing pad. It’s stylish and surprisingly spacious. 

Cons: If you don’t like slings, this isn’t your bag.

Tactical Baby Gear (TBG) is actually one of the early purveyors of baby gear that looks like it's issued by the U.S. Army. And the Deuce 2.0 is a redesign of their wildly successful original diaper tote. It's made of a rugged 600D water-repellent nylon, measures 10.25 inches by 15 inches, and rocks a wipe-down main pouch with removable divider for organizing.

Pros: The exterior of this diaper bag is user-friendly, with three easy-access pockets (for wipes/diapers, butt cream, phones) and a full-length padded compartment for the iPad ⏤ because you never know when Blaze and the Monster Machines may need to be called in as reinforcements.

Cons: The camo styling isn’t for everyone, and the shoulder strap puts all the weight on one shoulder instead of spreading it to both like a backpack would.

Okay, this one's pretty much just a backpack. But that's what's good about it. If you don't want to carry a diaper bag, this will work fine. It has a big pocket, plus a pocket for your laptop and a removable front pocket. The straps and earth tones make it look classy, too.

Pros: The roll-down top means it’s easy to securely overstuff this diaper bag without worrying. It comes with a changing pad and stroller straps that make attaching the bag to your stroller simple. The shoulder straps are adjustable and padded, and the water bottle pockets make it easy to keep dad hydrated on longer journeys.

Cons: This isn’t the bag for you if you carry a bunch of smaller items on a regular basis. Its minimal organization pockets mean a lot of your stuff will probably end up on the bottom of the bag, which isn’t the best situation to be in when your kid is screaming for something and you’re rooting around for it.

The slim, 20-liter UNO II Interchangeable Backpack wasn’t designed with bottles and rash cream in mind, but it may as well have been. What makes this second-gen day pack so distinct is that it’s crafted from a single piece of fabric and has only one zipper. So you can literally zip in and out. In fact, when completely open, the diaper bag lies flat on the table, where it makes a great changing pad.

Pros: This pack has a sleeker, more interesting look than a typical backpack. It’s water-repellent, safe from both sudden rainstorms and sudden pee storms. The interchangeable internal panels let you customize what you’re carrying and a built-in power dock to keep your devices charged and ready to go.

Cons: If you tend to keep a lot of stuff loosely stored in the main compartment, it can be a pain to unpack and repack every time you use this backpack as a changing pad.

As you might have guessed by its manufacturer, this nondescript gray canvas backpack with leather handles is designed for dads who really, really need juice on the go. Its massive 22,400 mAh battery can charge up to three devices multiple times. The battery self-regulates when it gets too hot, thanks to a built-in heat sensor.

Pros: The brown leather handles on this diaper bag pair well with the charcoal fabric. And if you’re an HP loyalist, this backpack is a fantastic portable solution that is plenty big enough to hold everything your kid needs.

Cons: You’ll need adapters to charge iPhones and iPads; Android users are all set. If you have a non-HP notebook, you’ll similarly need an extra power adapter.

Rugged Columbia styling gives this backpack a decidedly outdoorsy vibe. The lining is leak-proof, so spilled formula or water won't drip everywhere (like on your car's upholstery). Microban antimicrobial protection means that if you do get some dampness inside your bag you won't be risking stains, odors, and product degradation. There are stroller straps, a padded back, and padded shoulder straps for parents who want to travel comfortably.

Pros: A whopping 14 total pockets are hidden inside this sporty diaper bag. It weighs just over a pound, which makes it super-lightweight. The radiant barrier means that on hot days heat gets reflected away instead of being absorbed by your bag and its contents.

Cons: This isn’t the most spacious bag in the world, and without the expandability of zip-open extensions or a roll top closure it’s not great at handling greater-then-usual loads.

If you're partial to messengers, this model from Skip Hop is a great choice. It has 11 different pockets that make organizing all your baby gear easy. Skip Hop's patented shuttle clips make it simple to attach and detach the bag to your stroller, an extremely useful feature that can save you from having to carry your bag while pushing the stroller while keeping everything at your fingertips.

Pros: Hidden magnets in the flaps are a nifty way to keep the diaper bag closed, and the high-contrast lining in the interior of the bag make it easy to find stuff quickly. It also comes with a padded changing pad that you’ll be happy to take along with you.

Cons: The Dash is a pretty compact bag, at just 12.5 inches long, 12 inches high, and 4.25 inches wide. That means its great for going out during the day but not big enough to be your only diaper bag on a longer trip.

This fairly simple backpack comes in 17 different colors including understated favorites like gray and blue. There are six interior pockets inside the 420D Oxford fabric cloth construction that makes this bag lightweight, waterproof, and wear-resistant.

Pros: Ergonomic shoulder straps are a godsend on long walks. We’re not sure why more diaper bags don’t feature the pocket on the back of the bag, an easy exterior zipper that’s a great place to store things safely (i.e. not in a pocket with a zipper facing directly behind you). There’s a tissue-dispenser pocket on one side of the bag and a bottle holder on the other. Inside the front pouch, insulated pockets can hold a couple of baby bottles and keep them warm for a while.

Cons: The tissue side pocket removes any pretense that this thing isn’t for dads, and it’s also not the most stylish choice (even if it is crazy useful). There also isn’t a laptop compartment, so if you need yours on the go this isn’t a great choice for you.

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