The Best Diaper Bags For Dads

These diaper bags, backpacks, messenger bags, and duffels are well-equipped to haul everything you need to fulfill your dadly duties.

Having a kid puts a whole bunch of weight on your shoulders, and not just because you’re now responsible for the life of tiny, helpless human being but because they require a ton of stuff ⏤ including diaper bags. So yeah, you either have to become a bag dad or learn to juggle. Thankfully, modern diaper bags are finally being designed with dads in mind, and they come in a variety of sleek styles that won’t leave you looking like a rookie long reliever.

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In fact, there’s never been a bigger selection of guy-friendly duffels, messengers, totes, and diaper bag backpacks ⏤ all built for hauling diapers and bottles ⏤ than is currently on the market. And it’s not just about an absence of floral prints, either. Sure, most rock neutral colors or military styling, but many are also stacked with cool features like fold-out changing pads, charging stations, and even laptop pockets. The idea being that these bags can pull double duty in the office when the kids aren’t in tow. Here are 15 worth getting on that baby registry.

Paperclip Diaper Bag

Paperclip Diaper Bag -- diaper bag
Do you really want to change your baby’s diaper on the floor of a public bathroom? Paperclip is a handsome dude-friendly backpack diaper bag with an attached, fold-out changing station. Designed by a couple of dads and unveiled at last year’s ABC Expo, it comes in two styles with names that resemble a morning zoo crew, the Bear and the Willow. It also has an outside-accessible laptop compartment and can easily convert into a messenger bag.

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Tier 1-D Messenger Bag

Tier 1-D Diaper Bag -- diaper bag
Jack Osbourne (yes, father, adventurer… son of the Prince of Darkness) designed the Tier 1-D to handle your “toughest missions.” So, while you may be up to your arms in human excrement, at least your bag is impressive and intimidating. It’s made from military-grade materials and has adjustable Molle panels to add extra pouches and gear. It also comes in three different sizes: The Range (big), the messenger bag (bigger), and Deployment Tote (you and the kid are never coming home).

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Ju-Ju-Be XY Collection

Ju Ju Be's XY Collection -- diaper bags
Billed as both “rugged and finely tailored,” Ju-Ju-Be’s inaugural XY line for dads features five different styles that include three diaper bag backpacks, a duffel bag, and a messenger bag. All are machine washable, boast stain-resistant fabrics that shed water, and come with plenty of pockets to keep the diaper cream away from the baby formula. They’re also stylish enough to take to work when they’re not pulling diaper duty. What more do you need?

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Tactical Baby Gear Deuce 2.0 Diaper Bag

Tactical Baby Gear Deuce 2.0 Tactical Diaper Bag -- diaper bag
Tactical Baby Gear (TBG) is actually one of the early purveyors of baby gear that looks like it’s issued by the U.S. Army. And the Deuce 2.0 is a redesign of their wildly successful original diaper tote. It’s made of a rugged 600D water-repellent nylon, measures 10.25-inches by 15-inches, and rocks a wipe-down main pouch with removable divider for organizing. The exterior is equally as user-friendly, with three easy-access pockets (for wipes/diapers, butt cream, phones) and a full-length padded compartment for the iPad ⏤ because you never know when Blaze and the Monster Machines may need to be called in as reinforcements.

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LL Bean Hunter’s Tote Bag

LL Bean Hunters Tote Bag -- diaper bag
Maybe not the sleekest one of the bunch, but if this thing can’t hold everything you need, you probably shouldn’t be leaving the house. It’s made of “a tough 1,200-denier polyester shell with a thermoplastic interior coating,” so it can handle anything your kid tries to soak it with. Even the stuff you still don’t know they’re capable of producing.

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UNO II Backpack

UNO II The First Interchangeable Backpack -- diaper bag
The slim UNO II Interchangeable Backpack wasn’t designed with bottles and rash cream in mind, but it may as well have been. What makes this second-gen day pack so distinct is that it’s crafted from a single piece of water-repellent fabric and has only one zipper. So you can literally zip in and out. In fact, when completely open, the diaber bag lies flat on the table, enabling you to not only access all the diapers and goldfish crackers but also to use it as a changing pad.

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Kinbuilt Diaper Bag

Kinbuilt Diaper Bag -- diaper bag
Inspired by the good ole fashioned toolkit/medical bag, this manly diaper duffle from a San Diego-based industrial designer is made from rugged water-resistant nylon/waterproof tarpaulin and features a built-in changing pad, reflective detailing, and a ridiculous number of pockets for all of your baby organizing needs. Seriously — there are 20 pockets all told, including two insulated ones for bottles and even a quick-access compartment for your phone, keys, and sun cheaters.

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HP Powerup Backpack

HP Powerup Recharging Backpack -- diaper bag
From the outside, it’s nondescript gray canvas backpack with reinforced leather handles. But open it up and prepare to be … electrified (Ed. note: It won’t really electrocute you). Inside the front pocket, there’s a single 22,400mAh/84Wh battery that can charge up to three devices, multiple times: A laptop (once), a tablet (three times), or your phone (10 times). The battery self-regulates when it gets too hot, thanks to a built-in heat sensor. And it’s TSA approved to clear security (some larger batteries need to be checked). It also comes with three cables (two USB, one laptop) and a rain cover.

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Tosan Convertible Adventure Pack

Tosan Convertible Adventure Pack -- diaper bag
From the guys behind your favorite “Pop” coffee mug, the Tosan Convertible Adventure Pack is a heavy, waxed canvas tote that transforms into a rolltop diaper bag backpack depending on your situation. Need extra space at the beach for toys and towels? Use it as a carryall. Trekking around the city or going hiking in the mountains? Pull out the straps and throw it on your back. There are six pockets (three internal and three external), a detachable pouch, and a custom diaper changing pad.

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XLR8 Charging Backpack

XLR8 Diaper Bag -- diaper bag
Finally, a diaper bag that won’t embarrass anyone in the family. The large interior pouch of the XLR8 holds diapers, wipes, toys, and all the kid’s stuff in a separate compartment from the laptop and tablet pockets. Five smaller pockets corral charging cables, pens, and keys. Insulated side and front pouches keep bottles and food fresh. It also comes with a 7800mAh power bank to keep everything charged. Consider yourself a one-man child-rearing army.

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Skip Hop Via Messenger

Skip Hop Via Messenger -- diaper bag
The patented Skip Hop Shuttle Clips allow the Via to attach to your stroller and convert from messenger to strap-free mobile diaper bag. This bag manages to still look clean while hauling like a Winnebago with its 18 pockets and pouches — 18! — that are protected by an odor-reducing, antimicrobial liner. Because, well, kids are smelly.

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Quiksilver Daddy Daybag Backpack

Wuicksilver Daddy Day Bag Backpack -- diaper bag
An unassuming, all-black, classic backpack is a great way to ease into full dad bag. You’d never know from the outside that this pack features a removable changing pad and an insulated pocket to keep that bottle cold. Plus, “Daddy Daybags” is a pretty solid new nickname.

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Herschel Alexander Tote

Herschel Alexander Tote -- diaper bag
The Alexander is the kind of tote bag you might have reserved for grocery shopping in a previous life. But it’s got the Herschel label on it, so it automatically makes you cool. Plus, it comes in almost 30 colors, so you’re sure to be able to find one that matches your everyday purse.

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Product of the North Westin Backpack

Product of the North Westin Backpack

Okay, this one’s pretty much just a backpack. But that’s what’s good about it. If you don’t want to carry a diaper bag, this will work fine. It has a big pocket, plus a pocket for your laptop and a removable front pocket. The straps and earth tones make it look classy, too.

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Dad On Diaper Duty (D.O.D.D.) XH Backpack

Dad On Diaper Duty (D.O.D.D.) XH Backpack

The Dad On Diaper Duty XH Backpack looks as tough as it is being a dad. It’s built for any challenge you might encounter, too, made of 600 denier polyester and complete with pockets for wipes, diapers and anything else you might need. There’s even a mesh holder for your water bottle. Bonus points for the “DADDY” and American flag patches.

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