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You Can Finally Pre-Order an Adorable Plush Baby Yoda Right Now

Star Wars has weirdly revived a retro-tradition: Offering pre-orders for Christmas.

Credit: Lucasfilm/Amazon

Back in 1977, tons of kids got an empty box for Christmas and were super excited. This “Early Bird” empty box had pictures of Star Wars toys on it, because, at the time, just 6-months after the release of the first Star Wars film, there were not actually any toys available for Christmas. And now, 43 years later, Star Wars is repeating this bizarre Christmas tradition with Baby Yoda. You can get Baby Yoda shirts and other merch for Christmas. But you can’t get a Baby Yoda plush toy or doll. However, after what seems like a long wait (we’ve only known about Baby Yoda for five weeks)  you can finally pre-order Baby Yoda toys.

It’s only $24.99, and because these are pre-orders that are expected to ship in April (we know), Baby Yoda can’t technically sell out. Yet.

It's here! (For pre-order) but you can officially get excited.

In addition to the plush Baby Yoda (you can’t hold yet) there are a bunch of cool Baby Yoda shirts. Some of these styles have come and gone because the shirts are always selling out.

Baby Yoda! Baby Yoda! Baby Yoda! On the most dope T-shirt ever.

We want to cuddle up with Baby Yoda and play with lightsabers. Don't you?

You want this Baby Yoda black and white T-shirt. You know you need it. Of course, you do.

According to CNBC, Lucasfilm and Dinsey started rolling out merchandise connected to Baby Yoda right before Thanksgiving, which properly sold out.

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Keep in mind, that in the context of the Disney+ TV series, this character is just called “The Child,” so if you search for Mandalorian + the Child on Amazon, you’ll find a bunch of stuff. Right now, most of this merch is just apparel, but Hasbro has claimed seems like there could be adorable plush Baby Yodas coming soon. Just…probably…not before 2020. So, right now, actual Baby Yoda toys are not for sale, but if that changes, we will let you know!

This is markedly different than how Lucasfilm rolled-out the cutesy Porgs from The Last Jedi. In that case, the merchandising of the Porgs preceded the actual movie Porgs by nearly six months. But, apparently, Iron Man maestro Jon Favreau convinced his Disney plus overlords to keep Baby Yoda a secret until the show aired. This, of course, was the right move.

As of the third episode of The Mandalorian, the gender of Baby Yoda (“The Child”) has been established as a “he.” And yes, this gender-reveal party in the Star Wars universe is just as rough-and-tumble as you might expect.

We will update this article as new information becomes available.

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