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The ‘Star Wars’ Limited Edition Smartphone Is Worthy of Kylo Ren

Even baby Yoda approves.

So we have baby Yoda merch. We have an ultra-realistic lightsaber. So it stands to reason, Star Wars lovers, that we now have a special edition Samsung Galaxy Note10+ that’s an ode to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. It’s pretty much the perfect gift in this or any galaxy. And, it’s actually very, very slick. And very slickly packaged.

This stunning smartphone is an ode to Star Wars and to Kylo Ren in particular.

What makes this thing so badass? Well, they thought of everything. The packaging alone is beyond dope. For starters, there’s a red lightsaber-inspired S Pen, matching Galaxy earbuds, a leather cover and a unique metal badge that serves as a collector’s item. The bundle also comes with Star Wars-themed content including wallpapers, shutdown animations, icons, and sounds.

A few reasons we love the Note+. It’s tiny, meaning it’s only 7.9mm wide. The display is Dynamic AMOLED so you get crazy clarity and detail. And it’s fast as hell, with a 5G chip and 7nm processor.

Now, the price. This thing is not cheap. Nothing worth having ever is cheap. Per Samsung, the tablet will be available in limited quantities for $1,299.99 starting December 13.

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