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Baby Swings Sale: There’s Epic Savings On the Best Ones

We're looking at you, 4moms.

If you have a baby, chances are, you need a baby swing. Because sometimes you want a break from holding your baby, and sometimes you just want to switch into hands-free mode. The thing is, baby swings and bouncers, at least the ones we like, don’t come cheap. Which is why we found some great baby swings on sale for you.

Just remember to be smart and follow safety guidelines when using a swing or bouncer. You should never let a baby sleep in a swing, per the American Academy of Pediatrics, which recommends that all snoozing infants be moved a firm sleep surface. Otherwise known as a crib mattress.

This Graco baby swing is normally $200. It's loaded with options, giving you eight ways to swing.

This is your baby’s personal massage chair, giving you eight ways to swing. You can bounce, move it in a circle, zig-zag, sway, and do a figure eight. The swing has a multi-direction seat that lets your baby enjoy either side-to-side or front-to-back swinging. And it doubles as a removable baby rocker. The max weight limit is 25 pounds. 

This Bluetooth-enabled baby swing by 4moms is normally $250 and lets you choose between five motions and speeds.

You connect this to your music player and instead of listening to one of the swing’s four sounds, choose your own. Because the swing is Bluetooth-enabled, you can control the motion, sound, speed and volume from your device. This swing is best for newborns up to babies aged six months.

The Fisher-Price baby swing is regularly $160 and has six swing speeds, plus 16 soothing songs and sounds.

With this baby swing, you choose from a variety of soothing options to find the calming combination that works best for your baby. It plugs into a wall, thereby eliminating the need for batteries. And it has a mirrored dome to keep your baby engaged. The max weight limit is 25 pounds.

Normally $240, this is the gold standard in baby bouncers.

This gorgeous baby bouncer has four positions, for rest and play, and folds flat for storage or transporting. Its natural bouncing movements means you don’t need batteries or plugs. It’s suitable for newborns, up to kids aged two. 

We love Skip Hop's baby gear, including this $130 bouncer. It's basically a Garmin for your infant.

Ideal for babies four months and up, this bouncer has a counter to track your baby’s jumps, plays music, has flashing lights, and a 360-degree rotating seat. Plus it has clip-on, movable toys that parents can switch out.

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