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The Best Stainless Steel and Glass Baby Bottles For Parents Sick of Plastic

They're easy to clean, and easy to use.

There’s no perfect baby bottle. There’s just the best baby bottle that works for you and your child. But if you’re trying to use less plastic while also bottle feeding your infant, we recommend stainless steel baby bottles or glass baby bottles.

Plastic bottles are the most common ones, by far, but the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends against microwaving formula or breast milk in them to help reduce the transfer of harmful chemicals during the reheating or dishwashing process. The AAP also urges parents to use glass or stainless steel when possible for the reasons stated above.

When choosing baby bottles, consider how easy each one is to assemble, whether you can transition it into a sippy cup or water bottle by swapping out lids, how simple it is to clean, and the cost. One thing to note: While companies claim that some bottles are better for gassy babies, and others are better for breastfed babies, there’s really no scientific data that supports those claims.

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With the Pura, you're getting a double-wall, vacuum insulated, food grade stainless steel bottle. It has a sleeve, which makes it easy for kids to grip. The bottle is compatible with other lids from the brand, so that means less waste and more flexibility for parents.

Thinkbaby's stainless steel baby bottle is dishwasher-safe, and converts right into a sippy cup when your baby is older. The bottle is curved, so little hands can grip it, and it's wide enough for easy cleaning.

This glass baby bottle, made from thermal shock resistant borosilicate glass, comes with a rubber cover. So when your kid throws it on the floor, as will happen, the bottle won't break. The cover is removable, washable, and doubles as a baby toy.

These glass baby bottles, from a brand started by a Danish mother, withstand extreme temps, meaning you can boil them or freeze them. The brand also has something called a PaciPouch that does double duty as a sleeve for the smaller bottles (they come in 2 sizes). Because, you know, babies throw stuff.

These popular bottles are hardy, affordable, and made from borosilicate glass. You can buy shock-resistant sleeves for the bottles to prevent breakage.

This glass bottle has a protective silicone seal to keep it from breaking and to provide a non-slip grip. They are made from thermal shock resistant borosilicate glass. Meaning, they safely go from freezer to fridge to hot water.

If you're neither into glass nor stainless steel, consider these silicone baby bottles. We like them because of the wide-neck design, which makes cleaning them a cinch. You can boil it or microwave it. Plus, your kid can throw this thing all he or she wants because joke's on them: Silicone won't fall apart.

These handy little bottles are made of silicone and the silicone pouch collapses when the baby drinks. They're easy to manage and they won't break.

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