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Best Baby Bottles That Aren’t Plastic

We're talking glass, silicone and stainless steel.

There’s no perfect baby bottle. There’s just the baby bottle that works for you and your baby.

That’s why choosing a baby bottle can be confounding and intensely frustrating, and turn into a very pricey foray into trial and error. And while companies claim that some bottles are better for gassy babies, while others are better for breastfed babies, there’s really no scientific data that supports those claims.

Plastic bottles are the most common, by far, but the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends against microwaving formula or breast milk in them to help reduce the transfer of harmful chemicals during the reheating or dishwashing process. The AAP also urges parents to use glass or stainless steel when possible. We’re totally down with that, given the glut of plastic that’s in our landfills and our oceans, killing marine life and generally crapping on Mother Nature. Plus, there’s the issue of chemical leaching.

These are the best baby bottles that aren’t plastic, for discerning parents.

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This glass bottle has a protective silicone seal to keep it from breaking and to provide a non-slip grip. And because it's glass, the bottle is free from any sketchy chemicals.

Lifefactory glass bottles are pretty much the gold standard, if you’re looking for alternatives to plastic. They come in four or nine ounce sizes, and are made from thermal shock resistant borosilicate glass. Meaning, they safely go from freezer to fridge to hot water. And when your child is old enough, he or she can hold the bottle thanks to the non-slip sleeve.

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These beautiful bottles were specifically designed to mimic breastfeeding to reduce any bottle rejection. They're made of food-grade silicone and have an ultra-wide neck, making them easier to clean. There's also an anti-colic vent that prevents unwanted air intake.

Perry Mackin’s baby bottles have a leak-proof, bacteria-resistant joint system with no glue and the interior of each bottle is made from food-grade silicone. The bottle’s soft silicone nipple closely mimics breastfeeding and helps with switching between breast and bottle. The bottles are on the larger side (and they’re wide, too), so they not fit bottle pockets in diaper bags.

Avent's baby bottles are very popular with parents, and we love their glass version. This particular glass bottle features a wide breast-shaped nipple which promotes natural latch-on, and is made from borosilicate glass, a BPA-free material.

Our one quibble with the Avent glass bottle is that it doesn’t come with a sleeve, so adults need to be careful when handling it so it doesn’t slip and crack. In terms of quality, this glass is resistant to heat and thermal shock, so it can be safely stored in the fridge and warmed, and sterilized without issue. They come in four and eight ounce sizes.

Dr. Brown’s glass bottles have the brand's much-hyped anti-colic internal vent system. Whether you like it or not is your choice, but these do help some babies who spit up and have gas. Like others on this list, these bottles are made from borosilicate glass that is heat and thermal shock-resistant. And they have silicone sleeves to make the bottles easy to handle. They're dishwasher-safe, in the top rack, and sterilizer-safe.

These bottles are another perpetual audience favorite, but note that because of the brand’s anti-colic vent system, there are quite a few parts to take out and clean. So it’s a much more involved process than your basic glass baby bottle. 

These silicone baby bottles are collapsible, meaning no straws, vents, or valves to clean. The Boon silicone bottle has reusable pouches that collapse as your baby sucks, and are made without PVC or BPA. They weigh just five ounces, so are easy for baby hands to hold.

Your formula or milk comes into contact only with silicone. There’s no plastic involved. And the bottle has a ventless system that can help prevent colic. You can flip the silicone milk pouch inside out for simple and quick washing and drying. It can also be boiled, sterilized, microwaved and frozen.

With the Pura, you're getting a double-wall, vacuum insulated, food grade stainless steel bottle. It has a sleeve, which makes it easy to handle. And it has an anti-colic venting tube. The bottle is compatible with other lids from the brand, so that means less waste and more flexibility for parents.

You want to buy as few bottles as possible, right? Then Pura is for you. Every Pura bottle works with every Pura lid, so you can be more eco-conscious while also spending less money on sippy cups and water bottles.

Thinkbaby's stainless steel baby bottle is dishwasher-safe, and converts right into a sippy cup when your baby is older.

Because these bottles are made from stainless steel, they’re BPA-free, of course. They have a no-spill nipple, which can be swapped out for a sippy cup topper when your baby is ready. So there’s less waste all around. This bottle does not have a sleeve, so be very careful when you’re handling hot milk as it can heat up the exterior of the bottle.

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