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The Best Sippy Cups To Simplify the Transition From the Bottle

And here's how to use them correctly. Hint: Skip the juice.

The best transition sippy cups serve one purpose: to help babies seamlessly make the move from the bottle to an actual, regular, adult cup. They’re not meant to serve as portable milk-filled security blankets that your children take to bed. Nor are they designed to be used to for years at a time. The best sippy cups help kids stay hydrated, keep your floors clean, and ease the switch from nipples to cups. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends switching children from bottles to sippy cups by around 18 months, but definitely before age 2.

When shopping for a sippy cup, find one that is sturdy, easy to clean, spill-proof, and easy for babies to hold. The fewer parts it has, the better, both for ease of use and safety reasons. Cups with side handles are usually winners, so toddlers can hold them, but some kids prefer ones without. Plastic ones are the most lightweight, but stainless steel cups are another great option because they keep drinks cold.

The base is weighted, so this cup won't tip over. And because it looks like a regular cup, it eases any confusion when your child transitions from the bottle. It's made of silicone that's soft on the gums.

This genius silicone cup has a cutout for the nose, allowing a toddler to drink out of the cup without having to move his or her head around, this giving them more control and minimizing spills.

This cute little cup can be used with a straw, a non-drip lid with a spout, to an actual cup.

Made from soft and squishy silicone, this sippy cup comes with a straw that has a stopper at the end, so little drinkers can't pull it out.

With glass, there's no leaching. But glass also breaks. So these cups are a happy medium. They have protective silicone sleeves, and silicone straws with stoppers so kids can't yank them out.

The stalwart Klean Kanteen sippy cup comes with a sippy cap. But this bottle is also compatible with every Klean Kanteen cap, so it grows with your kid and you can switch out lids as your child matures.

If you can't stand any more plastic (and we can't blame you) in the house, here's a stellar stainless steel cup. It has a super-soft, medical grade silicone spout for easy guzzling of water, and is just as simple to clean. The side handles give babies a sense of control.

This sippy cup has a super-soft silicone spout that's gentle on baby gums. Plus it has removable, ergonomic handles so babies can hold the cup on their own.

You get the best of both worlds with this Munchkin sippy cup. It's got handles for easy gripping, and a spoutless design. The cup automatically seals when your child stops drinking, thus eliminating spills.

This is the stainless steel version of the Munchkin cup. This sippy cup keeps drinks cool for 15 hours and is perfect for summer.

The Nuby sippy cup has a Touch Flo straw valve that requires your kid to squeeze and suck before any liquid comes out. The straw on the Nuby cup opens when the child sips. It has a contoured base that's easy to hold.

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