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Best Sippy Cups

And here's how to use them correctly. Hint: Skip the juice.

Ah, sippy cups. A boon for parents, the bane of dentists. They keep our floors clean and our kids hydrated. And they’re the cause of much debate. Should you use them, or not?

Yes, to a point, say experts. They’re fine to use at mealtime, or to drink water between meals. Most of all, they’re just a transitional drinking vessel, according to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, as the child moves from a bottle to an actual cup. And if they drink juice instead of water out of a sippy cup (a big no no, in terms of cavities), kids are “exposed to a higher risk of decay,” per the AAPD.

Use sippy cups at mealtimes to help kids transition from a bottle to a cup. Don’t use them for long periods of time. And fill them only with water. So that being said, sippy cups can be life-savers for parents, teaching kids independence and keeping messes to a minimum, and these are some of the best ones out there.

This transitional sippy cup has a spill-proof, soft spout that's gentle on your baby's gums, and vent to help reduce the swallowing of air instead of liquid. The NUK learner cup has handles that are easy to hold.

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This NUK sippy cup is easy to hold, and is easy on delicate gums. It’s meant for babies six months and older, and is spill-proof. Use it to help your tot transition from the breast/bottle to an actual cup. It’s dishwasher-safe.

The NUK Disney sippy cup has a spill-proof spout designed to be gentle on gums. It weighs only three ounces, so it's easy for little kids to hold.

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The NUK sippy cup has a carrying clip for when you’re on the go, and a cover to keep the spout clean. It’s meant for kids 12 months and older.

You get the best of both worlds with this Munchkin sippy cup. It's got handles for easy gripping, and a spoutless design.

This Munchkin sippy cup doesn’t have a spout, or a straw, but instead, it features a 360-degree drinking edge. The cup automatically seals when your child stops drinking, thus eliminating spills. But it does leak, parents report. 

This is the stainless steel version of the Munchkin cup. This sippy cup keeps drinks cool for 15 hours and is perfect for summer.

Kids can drink from any edge for leak-free practice. It helps that this cup is shaped like a real cup with beveled sides.

No straw? No problem.  Dr. Brown’s 360-degree sippy lets your baby drink from any edge, and the Sip-and-See clear silicone valve lets the baby see inside without any major spills. It looks just like an adult cup, so theoretically at least, the transition should be easier.

If you’re leery of using plastic, this is your cup. Like its plastic version, it features the same 360-degree drinking edge. The cup automatically seals when your child stops drinking. And like its plastic counterpart, it does leak. 

The Nuby sippy cup has a Touch Flo straw valve that requires your kid to squeeze and suck before any liquid comes out.

The straw on the Nuby cup opens when the child sips. It has a contoured base that’s easy to hold.

The Philips Avent cup features a bendy straw to help your child get every last drop of water.

This cup is meant for babies nine months and older. Its claim to fame is its bent straw, meaning kids can suck out every ounce of liquid. It has anti-slip ergonomic handles for easy handling. But it does have a lot of parts, so cleaning can be tedious. 

This sippy cup features a weighted straw made of food-grade silicone, which lets it move when the cup is tilted. Your kid gets every bit of liquid out of the cup.

The straw is sift and easy to use for babies and toddlers, and the cup’s sliding cover keeps the straw clean when the cup is being used on the go. You can also buy replacement straws.

On the pricier side you have the Klean Kanteen sippy cup, which comes with a sippy cap. But this bottle is also compatible with every Klean Kanteen cap, so it grows with your kid.

We love this bottle because it’s compatible with all Klean Kanteen classic caps, so it grows with your child. This specific model comes a silicone cap that is not leak-proof, so consider yourself warned. The bottle itself is made from food-grade 18/8 stainless steel. It’s tough and lasts for years, which makes the price easier to swallow. 

This Munchkin sippy cup combines the miracle of the bottle and the straw into one nicely transitional item.

If your baby is ready to dump the bottle and move into the sippy cup zip code, he or she will like the soft spout design of this Munchkin sippy. It has removable handles, and the spout is gentle on little gums.

This is a solid choice for older kids, or ones who are ready to take the plunge from sippy cup to actual water bottle. The CamelBak water bottle has a spill-resistant design and fun graphics.

Once your kid is ready to ditch the sippy cup, it’s time to grab the CamelBak, which has a stem tube and shut-off valve. It’s a detachable one-piece component that’s easy for kids to use.

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