The Best Gift Ideas For New Dads

What to get the newest dad on the block.

Being a new dad is a thrilling, frightening experience, so it’s an absolute must to have all of the necessary baby gear and toys at your disposal. But why should a new dad have to treat himself? Here are the essential new dad gifts you need to get your bud, to welcome him into fatherhood with flair.

1. Fujifilm Instant Camera

Fujifilm Instant Camera -- new dad gifts


While your iPhone camera is a great tool for saving memories, sometimes you’ll need the instant gratification of an old-school shooter. This camera looks retro slick, automatically detects brightness, and has a kid’s mode to detect your fast-moving little one. Just point, click, and post.

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2. Tile Mate

Tile Mate -- new dad gifts

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The last thing a new father wants to try to figure out when he’s late for work and trying to feed the baby while fixing his tie is where the damn keys are. The Tile Mate is a Bluetooth tracker that slips onto your keychain and alerts you to your keys’ presence in seconds, via your smartphone. It can also track wallets, books, and even the baby. As long as you don’t lose your smartphone, you’re set.

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3. Bose QuietComfort Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Bose QuietComfort -- new dad gifts

Ah, sweet, sweet silence. Every new parent needs peace and quiet sometimes so, as long as mom’s alright with it, take a break with these Bose headphones. They sound fantastic, have a 20-hour battery life, and are active noise-cancelling, which means that they drown out the world as you slip away into your favorite tracks.

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4. FREDI Mini Spy Camera

FREDI -- new dad gifts

Okay, the phrase spy camera might sound like an initial turnoff, but a new dad needs to put his mind at ease. This little camera fits pretty much anywhere and connects to your iPhone or Android to keep track of your little one while you’re out and about. It has continuous monitoring for up to two hours—so it’s not ideal for a long night out—but sure makes stepping into another room less harrowing for a new dad.

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5. NESCAFÉ Espresso Machine

Nescafe Espresso Machine -- new dad gifts

New fathers need to get up early and stay up late; so consider this easy-to-operate espresso machine your new best friend. All you need are Nespresso’s capsules, and you’ve got hot espresso in seconds. It’s so simple that even a sleep-deprived dad who didn’t get enough paternity leave can figure it out.

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6. Laguna Tide Diaper Backpack

Laguna Tide Backpack -- new dad gifts

Forget the diaper bag—try this diaper pack. It’s a more sophisticated way to carry everyday baby needs, from diapers to your kid’s favorite toys, and even comes with an insulated bottle to keep milk cold. But what we really love is that it looks like a stylish backpack you could wear to the office.

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7. BabySteps Baby Carrier

BabySteps Baby Carrier -- new dad gifts

Take your tyke around town. This baby carrier is ergonomic—lessening shoulder burden and allowing you to carry the kid in any position you like—and is suitable for babies from eight to 44 pounds. It’s also made of a soft cotton for your (and your baby’s) comfort. It’s time to show off the new kid with this gift for new dads.

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8. Dad’s Playbook

Dad's Playbook -- new dad gifts

If you’ll listen to anyone, it’s your coach. Author Tom Limbert has taken the liberty of collecting some of the most inspirational and motivational quotes regarding fatherhood from storied coaches like Vince Lombardi and Phil Jackson—and put it all into book form. Let it inspire you to be a better dad and, heck, a better team player.

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9. Braun Electric Razor

Braun Electric Razor -- new dad gifts

Shaving used to be a sacred ceremony of self-care. No longer—when you’re a busy dad, every second counts. This awesome electric razor works dry or in the shower, allowing you to multitask. And the razors adjust and move with the curvature of your face, speeding up the process.

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10. WizGear Stroller Mount

WizGear Stroller Mount -- new dad gifts

Nothing wrong with a little distraction. When your baby isn’t behaving out on a walk, pop this mount on the stroller and enjoy all the content on your phone right in front of you. The mount also works for road bikes and steering wheels—but we’d advise you not to use it while on the road.

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11. UGG Men’s Slipper

UGG Men's Slippers -- new dad gifts

Bask in the luxury of a soft slipper for long weekends. Whether your feet are hurting from too much play time or you just love the feel, these shoes from Ugg have a soft, furry interior along with a rubber sole for trips to the mailbox.

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12. Fitbit Charge 2

Fitbit Charge 2 -- new dad gifts

Being a new dad can really throw off your workout routine, so make sure you’re getting enough exercise with a Fitbit. It’s a subtle band that can track steps, log workouts, and estimate how many calories you’ve burned throughout the day. It can also send notifications to your smartphone.

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13. Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot -- new dad gifts

We all need a hands-free assistant sometimes, but that need only increases once your hands are busy holding, changing, and chasing a child. The Echo Dot plays music, controls smart home devices, sets alarms, and reads the news and weather, all in response to your voice commands.

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14. GrabOpener One-Handed Bottle Opener

GrabOpener One-Handed Bottle Opener -- new dad gifts

Speaking of having your hands full, you probably love beer (who doesn’t?), and you’ve probably noticed that a new baby means spare hands are hard to come by. You’re going to need this one-handed bottle opener. It comes with a built-in magnet to keep it on the fridge, and keep caps unbent for that weird friend of yours who, even after starting a family, still collects bottle caps.

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15. Baby Relax Rocking Chair

Baby Relaxing Chair -- new dad gifts

Say goodbye to the rickety rocking chairs of old. This one is upholstered and has the feel of a sofa. If there’s a game you can’t miss but your baby is having some trouble getting to sleep, this rocker will put the kid right out and leave you in total comfort. Bonus: Mom’s love it too.

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