Father of the Year

“As a father, I think now I can comprehend the love that you would have for your child no matter what. I think going on my own journey to find language — emotional language — made me better.”

– Allen Jones, Father of the Year

“If I don’t set that example of reaching out for the things that I want then what am I doing to set my kids up with inspiration? You do the best for yourself so you can give the best of yourself to the ones you love. It’s that necessary balance.”

“I think the best way to teach and lead is by example. And I really try to just do the best I can with my kids with that.”

“To think I would have some issue helping out? That’s crap. We both work, we’re both tired, so I can do some dishes and fold laundry. Also, I am aware that Rowan sees how I treat his mom and that will soak in more at this age than we even realize.”