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New Bluey Episodes Are (Eventually) Coming To America — And We’ve Got Spoilers Right Here

You’ve watched every Bluey episode on Disney+. But you haven't seen everything.

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Despite being one of the most wholesome shows adored by kids and adults alike, Bluey is not without controversy. The Australian hit skyrocketed into U.S. homes thanks to Disney, but plenty of episodes were altered for American viewers, with some being outright banned.

As the ultra-popular animated series continues its third season in its homeland, Americans feel like Jack waiting for his dad in “Explorers”, with no idea when the new episodes will arrive.

As of this writing, there are a handful of episodes of Bluey which already aired in Australia that haven’t yet aired in America. Right now, there’s no sense of when these episodes will hit the U.S. and Disney+ in specific. So, for Bluey fans and families everywhere, there are a few questions: Will these episodes ever air on Disney+? And will they be censored if they do?

Here’s every single Bluey episode that has yet to be released in the U.S. Plus, some mild speculation as to why each episode could be banned or censored. Obviously, SPOILERS are ahead for unaired Bluey episodes!


What’s it about? Chilli’s estranged sister, Brandy, comes for a visit after four years. Brandy unknowingly brings the worst gift possible for the girls – a zebra onesie for Bluey, and a cheetah for Bingo, who takes her onesies very seriously!

Why it could be banned or censored: Brandy stopped visiting the family due to her trauma from not being able to have a child of her own, for reasons that are left to the audience’s imagination. And as hilarious as it can be watching Bingo try to nom on everyone, it’s a fairly serious episode. Based on how Disney avoided pregnancy in the past by banning “Dad Baby,” it feels possible this one could get banned too.


What’s it about? Indy is sad while struggling to sculpt a horse at Kindergarten, but with Calypso’s guidance and Winton’s imagination, she changes her perspective on the way she feels.

Why it could be banned or censored: When he isn’t having beeswax boogers dangling out of his nose, Winton is making fart noises in his paws or dropping make-believe sloppy poops from his behind.

Historically, Disney likes their dogs to pick up after themselves off-camera. In the episodes “Markets” and “Pass the Parcel,” feces were removed from the episodes. “Family Meeting” was also briefly banned in the U.S., a plot centered on Bandit farting in Bluey’s face, but that one is now back in the fold.

The potty humor in “Stories” is interwoven into the plot. And yet, it would be a shame if this one was never aired on Disney+, mostly because it has a Lin Manuel-Miranda cameo. Really!


What’s it about? Unicorse is back, and grubbier than ever! This time, he’s in love with Chilli. After she rebukes his advances based on his grossness, Bluey and Bingo clean him up to become a gentleman so he can win their mom’s heart.

Aaaand why should I care? Being a hot mess isn’t the issue for Unicode, but some of his bad habits might be. Whether joking or not, Chilli starts to upchuck due to Unicorse’s behavior, something Bluey has had mixed luck with U.S. releases.

In “Fancy Restaurant”, the episode ended with Bandit about to lose his dinner. “Taxi” had a mild edit due to something similar, but generally gagging has been acceptable.

“Granny Mobile”

What’s it about? Bluey, Bingo, and Muffin play “Grannies” at a neighbor’s yard sale, whose lack of assertiveness causes trouble when a mean old lady tries to take advantage of the situation.

Why it could be banned or censored: Muffin’s grouchy nana is pretty bad, but nowhere near as awful as the mean Granny who relentlessly insults everyone. There are not many precedents for mean-spirited content like this, other than racially insensitive terms which were removed from the first and second seasons for all countries.


What’s it about? A pair of handymen arrive to build a fishpond in the Heeler’s backyard. Bluey and Bingo spy on these mysterious strangers, believing them to be the enemy!

Why it could be banned or censored: While enjoying ice cream with the girls, Big Belt’s butt crack is on full display for a few moments. Could this be a big deal?

The closest parallel in Bluey so far would be in “Faceytalk”, where a shot of Trixie using the toilet was changed for American audiences.

Other unaired Bluey episodes — which lack controversy

Beyond the previously mentioned episodes, there are also the following episodes that have not been released in the U.S. but have already aired in Australia.

  • “Musical Statues”
  • “Turtleboy”
  • “The Decider”
  • “Dirt”
  • “Space”

But, as far as we know right now, nothing in these episodes features elements that could cause them to be censored. At least, as far as we know.

What about the new 2023 Bluey episodes?

In addition to episodes that have been released in Australia, but not in the U.S., there are also new episodes coming to Australia outright. As of April 9, 2023, new episodes of Bluey have started airing on ABC Kids (Reminder: ABC Kids, in this context, means Australian Broadcast Corporation). Because these episodes have just started airing, we have no idea quite what they’re about, but that may change! We’ll update this story often, so check back soon to see more new info on Bluey episodes that haven’t hit yet!

Bluey airs on Disney+ in the U.S.

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