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Banned Bluey Episode "Dad Baby" Will Likely Never Stream On Disney+

You heard about the banned fart episode. But what about when Bandit has a dad-birth?

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A scene from the 'Bluey' episode "Dad Baby."

Will “Dad Baby,” the most elusive Bluey episode ever be seen in America? The “fart” episode of Bluey “Family Meeting” — was brought back from the banned-by-Disney graveyard and is now streaming on Disney+. However, another controversial episode of the mega-popular kids’ show is not, and probably never will be shown on Disney+ or Disney Junior. The Bluey Season 2 episode “Dad Baby,” is as of this writing, banned from the US, and it doesn’t look like that will change any time soon. Here’s what to know.

“Dad Baby,” Bluey episode, explained

Airing on March 29, 2020, on CBeebies in the UK and Australia, “Dad Baby,” is the 13th episode of Bluey Season 2. (Though some Bluey experts list it as episode 12 of that season.) In it, the dad, Bandit, pretends to give birth to Bingo, hence the title “Dad Baby.” Like all of Bluey, this episode is a whimsical take on explaining something in the grownup world, to children. It’s par for Bluey’s particular course of Bandit acting out all sorts of things he doesn’t actually do or experience in reality. If you like Bluey there’s nothing too different here, and yet, the episode isn’t on Disney+ and has never aired on Disney Junior. But why?

“Dad Baby” banned from US Bluey

If you do a deep dive into Bluey Reddit and Bluey YouTube, you’ll find a variety of theories as to why this episode was maybe not allowed on Disney channels and streamers in the US. But the bottom line is, no statement has actually been made from Disney.

The assumption most pundits and fans have made is simple: “Dad Baby” is simply too straightforward in terms of being a sex education episode, and Disney — for whatever reason — has deemed it inappropriate for your children. Most fans have accused Disney of strange censorship, which is either sexist, prudish, or both.

One thing is known for sure: The Bluey episode “Dad Baby” has not been banned from the U.S. for rights issues. Disney has had the rights to distribute Bluey Season 2, for at least two years. They’ve had plenty of time to stream “Dad Baby.”

How to watch Bluey “Dad Baby” in the US

Although “Dad Baby” is not streaming on Disney+ and did not air on Disney Juinor, the episode is available for purchase in the US on iTunes and Vudu.

Bluey is streaming in the US on Disney+.

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