You Can't Unsee These Terrifying LEGO Mini-Figs With Realistic Faces

This mini-fig will haunt your nightmares.

Using some creativity, talent, and a weird sense of humor, one person took it upon himself to give a makeover to the classic LEGO mini-figs. The result is a realistic-looking character that’s equal parts and hilarious and it puts an interesting twist on the toy so many of us grew up with. Here’s what you need to know.

Whether you were a big fan of LEGO growing up or it’s something your kid is obsessed with, very little has changed in its design. Of course, there have been come incredible additions in that world since we were little.

Sets have gotten far more creative and advanced, plus some super fun collaborations have brought our favorite IPs into the world of LEGO. But in a general sense, mini-figs have remained the same: basic colors, basic shape, and charming in how cartoon-like they are.

But YouTuber North of the Border wanted to give the classic character a bit of a makeover. The content creator of “tiny nerdy things” had an idea to sculpt his own twist on a LEGO mini-fig. And the direction he went with his creativity — a more realistic, clay version of the LEGO mini-fig from the movies, Emmet. He has the blue pants and orange shirt, but he also has nipples, toe nails, and giant, dead-looking black eyes.

The character is terrifying, yes, but there’s a lot of attention to detail that deserves some praise. The character, while more realistic than the plastic version, is easily identifiable. It has wrinkles in his shirt and pores on his face—and the creator some how made those eyes look dead and alive at the same time.

Looking at North of the Border’s other creative work, he’s full of talent. He’s made a Robocop-looking R2D2 from Star Wars, a mash-up of Yoda from Star Wars and Hulk from the Marvel universe. He’s also made Toad, a character from Mario Bros., that has that same creep-factor as his unique mini-fig.

Can’t wait to see what he does next. But not looking forward to this mini-fig showing up in my dreams.