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Disney+ Just Created A Cheaper Plan — But There's A Huge Catch

Disney+ announced its new price increases and ad-supported tiers for its subscription service and bundle packages.

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Disney+ announced a slate of ad-supported plans offering lower subscription costs in exchange for interruptions for advertisements. Here’s what you need to know.

Disney+ released a cheaper plan for people who want to sign up for the streaming platform and watch the library of available titles. While it’s exciting there’s a cheaper option (that’s a rare thing these days), there’s a catch that might not make it favorable for everyone. Here’s what you need to know.

On December 8, Disney+ launched its ad-supporter “Disney+ Basic” tier that drops the monthly price of the subscription in exchange for commercial breaks. Available in the US only, the basic plan is $7.99/month, and the tier up from that, without ads, is $10.99 a month.

“Today’s launch marks a milestone moment for Disney+ and puts consumer choice at the forefront. With these new ad-supported offerings, we’re able to deliver greater flexibility for consumers to enjoy the full breadth and depth of incredible storytelling from The Walt Disney Company,” Michael Paull, president of Direct to Consumer, said in a statement.

When the platform first launched in November 2019, the subscription price was $6.99. However, it was raised by a dollar in 2021 to $7.99 a month, still ad-free. Today, with the new ad-supported basic tier, the new ad-free cost is $10.99/month for the same service you were paying for yesterday.

“Existing Disney+ subscribers have the option to switch to the Basic plan for $7.99/month,” Disney explains. “Those that choose to remain a Premium subscriber for $10.99/month or $109.99/year require no further action.”

In addition to the Disney+ basic plan, ad-supported and ad-free bundles that include Disney+ and Hulu also launched with new prices.

The new subscription prices are as follows:

  • Disney+ Basic, for Disney+ only, will cost $7.99/month, which includes ads
  • Disney Bundle Duo Basic, which includes Disney+ and Hulu, will cost $9.99/month, which includes ads for both Disney+ and Hulu
  • Disney Bundle Trio Basic, which includes Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+, will cost $12.99/month with all three platforms, including ads
  • Hulu + Live TV, which includes Hulu + Live TV, Disney+, and ESPN+, will cost $69.99/month with all platforms, including ads.

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