Streaming Wars

Disney+ Is Raising Its Subscription Prices By 38 Percent. Yes. Really.

Here's what families need to know.

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Disney+ is raising its prices for streaming subscriptions. And that means it’s going to cost you more, significantly more, to watch Lightyear, Bluey, She-Hulk, Light & Magic, Jungle Cruise, and everything else that Disney+ has to offer. Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ combined to lose $1.1 billion in the fiscal third quarter of 2022, the company announced, and apparently, to make up for the losses sooner rather than later, Disney is jacking up prices across the board, sending them soaring higher than Dumbo.

So, what does mean for families?

Disney+ price increase in December 2022

Right now, subscribers pay $7.99 per month for Disney+ without ads. According to CNBC, as of December 8, 2022, $7.99 will become the monthly price for Disney+ with commercials.

So, for those who want Disney+ without ads, as of December 8, will pay $10.99 per month. Uncle Scrooge McDuck will vouch that that’s a whopping 38% increase. Yes! Really!

Disney+ won’t be the only Disney streaming service getting a price hike. Hulu without ads will jump from $12.99 to $14.99 on Oct. 10, while Hulu with ads will cost $7.99 a month versus the current $6.99. Similarly, Disney revealed in July that ESPN+ with ads will cost $9.99/month, which translates to 43% more every 30 days.

There was some good news for customers who already bundle Disney+. ESPN+, and Hulu. A bundle featuring Disney+ without ads and Hulu and ESPN+ with ads will cost $14.99, up a modest $1 from the current price of $13.99. The Disney+/Hulu/ESPN+, all with ads, will actually come down in cost from $13.99 to $12.99. And Disney will also offer a Disney+/Hulu bundle with ads for $9.99 monthly.

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