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Bluey Season Three Finale Leaks Might Mean The End Of An Era

What's going to happen to the Heelers?

The Fatherly Guide to Bluey

When the third season of Bluey wraps up later this year, it’ll undoubtedly stir up mixed emotions. Fans outside of Australia have waited forever to have the entire run available on-demand (easily more than four Chunky Chimps) and are looking forward to the upcoming simultaneous release of the finale. This extra-long episode promises to be a game-changer, and if viewers weren’t ready for the heavy feels they endured earlier in the show, the boat’s about to be rocked harder for this 28-minute epic.

While there’s no official date yet on when this episode will be released, some fans claim to have already seen the special. How? Purported leaks have begun to circulate, showing portions of unreleased episodes that seem too good to be true. Bluey fans have been discussing these shocking videos that stemmed from international Disney Junior channels on Reddit and social media, divided on whether these are the real McCoy or not. Are these cracks in Bluey’s production for real life, or are they as authentic as the Pony Lady’s unicorns in “Markets?” Fatherly recently examined some of the rumors and innuendo about the finale, but these leaks take things to the next level. We’re checking into them to discover the truth about their existence and, if they are real, what does that mean for the finale and future of the series?

Be warned, possible spoilers are ahead! If you don’t want to know what may (or may not) be part of the Bluey season finale, you might want to read something else.

Has a new episode of Bluey leaked?

Trailer for the upcoming Bluey season three finale “The Sign”

Consider this your last chance to back away if you’re trying to stay spoiler-free, but here’s a taste of what we’ve seen from the leaks.

This tale begins a few months ago when a supposed clip from Disney+ in Quebec showed up in October 2023. The clip, recorded hand-held on a phone, featured moments from a never-before-seen Bluey episode, leading many to speculate these were pieces of the upcoming finale.

The above clip is from “Ghost Basket,” and shows Bandit pretending to be a realtor showing Chilli around the Heeler home (presumably for sale). Upon entering the home, the Grannies charge at them, and Bandit must talk them down to continue his real estate showing. A later clip shows Chilli exiting the house, revealing a “For Sale” sign.

This past December in India, two other shorts were revealed. We won’t be posting links to these newer clips out of respect for the production staff behind Bluey at Ludo Studio, but curious readers who want to see it for themselves won’t have a tough time finding these.

First, there’s the opening segment from “Surprise!” which has Bandit playing with Bingo and Bluey. The girls can’t agree on playing one game together, forcing dad to play both very different games with his daughters simultaneously.

The last clip we’ll mention takes place in the future, as an adult version of Bluey returns to visit the Heeler house. She hugs an older Chilli, who summons a grizzled-looking Bandit to greet his daughter. Mum leads Bluey out back to see Bingo, while Bandit answers a ring at the front of the home. Opening the door, Bandit finds no one there but realizes he’s in trouble as the camera shows a small pup armed with a sci-fi toy weapon, presumably Bluey’s child… and that’s where the short clips end.

Longer clips are floating around too, but we’d like to avoid explaining further plot points so there’s still some degree of surprise for our readers when these finally air.

Are the Bluey season three finale leaks legit?

Let’s just blame Unicorse for the leaks

BBC/ Disney

There’s no definitive answer From Ludo Studio on the authenticity of these leaks so far. But, if they’re forgeries - they’re extremely convincing. One of the leading fan theories about the finale was that the episode would be about the Heelers moving out of their current home, and these recent leaks add credence to that thought.

Some believe this is an AI recreation, and those who have only seen screenshots think they’re fan art. To the brave fans who watched the video clips, the plot thickens upon hearing the unmistakable sound of the actual performers on Bluey. Granted, AI can replicate a lot of things, but the quality of animation combined with these faithful-sounding voices makes it seem very credible. Reliable sources like Aussie Girl Margie have seen the episodes and believe they’re official (and she also has very in-depth info about these leaks if you want more spoilers), so it’s hard to deny the palpable evidence surrounding these clips.

There are no bones about it, as of now, these leaks seem like bonafide Bluey episodes.

Is this really the Bluey series finale?

Having a time jump in the finale brings a sense of finality to the show, potentially concluding the entire story of the series by showing what happens to the family years later.

However, we know Joe Brumm and the creative team at Bluey are huge fans of The Simpsons, a cartoon that has featured hypothetical futures early in the show’s run, including the fourth season’s “Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie” which showed Bart becoming a Supreme Court Justice, and the sixth season episode, “Lisa’s Wedding.” This quantum leap in the timeline for Bluey might just be a “What If?” and not reality, likely based on the girls imagining what life could be like 20 years from now.

Moving into a new home doesn’t necessarily signify the end of Bluey, it just means the start of a new chapter. After all, the showrunners previously stated they were taking a break after the third season came to a close for their own sakes. Fans will be impatiently waiting for whatever happens next to the Heelers in the eventual fourth season, and if these leaks have any truth to them, point to big new adventures for Bluey and her family in the coming years.

Fatherly requested a statement from Ludo, and as of this writing, they have not yet responded.

Bluey is available to stream in the US on Disney+.