I'll Be There For You

‘90s Dads Will Love This Sesame Street Friends Father’s Day Parody

Could Sesame Street BE any more excited for Father’s Day?

Father’s Day is just around the corner and as families start putting the finishing touches on their planning, Sesame Street is here giving us the collaboration we didn’t know we needed. Here’s what you need to know.

To help celebrate Father’s Day and honor all the people who take on that role in our lives, Sesame Street came up with a fun parody song that is set to one of the ‘90s most popular shows and its iconic theme song — Friends.

“Get ready to celebrate Father's Day with all the dads on Sesame Street as they sing “I'll Be There For You” in this Sesame Street parody of the Friends Opening Theme Song,” the setup to the video reads. The song, which includes a video, features famous Muppets like Elmo and Rosita, and the dad figures, like Elijah, in their lives.

The parody is the final video in a series that Sesame Workshop has created to help celebrate the dads in our lives as part of a lead-up to Father’s Day. “Dads like Elijah (and other male role models) have a huge impact on their children’s lives, and when kids feel supported, understood, and loved by their fathers, they grow up more resilient and successful in school,” press release reads.

“A key thing dads can do for their children is spending focused, quality time together. It may seem small, but there’s a huge value when dads are attentive, loving, and ask thoughtful questions.”

The video and song are adorable. Cheesy? Totally, but it’s essentially a big dad joke with an important message for kids and their parents.