The COVID situation is constantly evolving. From vaccine availability to emerging variants, there is always something new to be on top of when it comes to the coronavirus. When will young kids be eligible to get the COVID vaccine? Will adults need a booster soon? How should you think about the pros and cons of sending your kid to school in person or, say, eating indoors at a restaurant?

With breaking news, deep analysis of COVID risks, and more, Fatherly has you covered. That’s why we created this guide to making it through the pandemic — which is only going to get more complicated as flu season approaches. We’ve curated these expert-sourced articles to help you navigate COVID, because the pandemic is certainly not over yet.

The COVID Variants You Need to Look Out For

The original coronavirus strain has mutated, and some of these mutations make the virus better at evading the immune system, resistant to COVID treatments, cause more severe disease or spread easier. The one that’s responsible for the recent surge in cases across the globe is the Delta variant, which is twice as transmissible as the original strain. Recently, reports of the variants Lambda and Mu have raised new concerns. But for now, Delta is dominating, and it’s the only variant you need to worry about.

How Long Does the COVID Vaccine Last?

It’s not clear yet how long protection from the COVID vaccine lasts. Johnson & Johnson has announced that its vaccine lasts for at least eight months against Delta. Immunity from the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines last at least six months. The available evidence suggests that protection does dip slightly over time, but the vaccines remain strong at defending against severe disease, which is the true goal. Some health officials argue in favor of booster shots, but many others say they’re currently unnecessary for most people.