The Fatherly Guide To Marijuana

Whether or not it’s legal where they live, marijuana has become commonplace in American households. It might sound concerning, but parenting while high is becoming a thing in the way that parenting while drunk has been a thing since the Stone Age. If you smoke or consume or otherwise indulge, it’s extremely important to do so responsibly, and that requires really considering the intersection of parenting and marijuana.

That’s why Fatherly built this guide to weed, because you shouldn’t have to stress if you’re smoking a bowl, with or without your partner. We talked to pediatricians, cannabis entrepreneurs, and even attorneys to learn everything there is no know about sneaky vaporizers, how to talk to your kids about weed, the best places to hide your weed, and more.


This Map Shows Where You Can Buy Legal Weed Now In The United States

Legalization of weed is happening all over the country. This map shows where.

Marijuana Legalization Is Becoming More Common

Luckily for parents who indulge, the legal risk is lessening as more and more states have begun to decriminalize marijuana. Recreational marijuana is now legal in 19 states, and medical marijuana is legal in 36. If you’re really into pot, there’s more good news: Some of the states that are the most notorious for their weed-loving tendencies (shout out to Colorado) are also the best to raise a family in.


This List Shows The 10 Most Weed-Friendly Cities In The US

Moving to California seems to be the safest bet.


Marijuana Side-Effects You Need to Know About

The side effect that everyone’s looking for from marijuana — to chill the hell out — you’ll probably experience (unless you’re one of the few unfortunate people who get super anxious when they’re high). Of course, there are some less positive marijuana side effects you should keep on your radar. For one, you aren’t going to be able to fulfill the responsible parent role while high, so make sure you have a “designated parent” to stay sober and ready for emergencies at all times. There’s also the long-term health risks of weed, which include lung damage, addiction, and fertility issues, to name a few.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get high. In fact, if you’re choosing between marijuana and alcohol, the former is probably the better option. But it does mean you need to keep this in mind the pros and cons of smoking marijuana — including the legal consequences, since traces of weed can stick around in the body for up to 90 days. And if you’re deciding between smoking a blunt or consuming an edible, your lungs will thank you if you go with the latter.

Marijuana Woes

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Getting High

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