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7 Great Zip-Up Hoodies To Step Up Your Casual Clothing Game

The iconic piece of casual wear has never been better. If you're looking to upgrade, here are some of the best we've found.

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Collage of three men in zip-up hoodies
Lais Borges for Fatherly

The hooded sweatshirt is the ideal piece of casual clothing. Warm, comfortable, ready to be thrown on at a moment’s notice. What’s not to love?

While the pullover hoodie certainly has its place, the zip-up hoodie is, dare we say it, the best version of the hooded sweatshirt. Why? The zipper is a game-changer for the simple fact that it removes the most annoying part of wearing a pull-over sweatshirt: pulling it off. If you’re overheating in a standard, zipper-less hoodie? There’s only one way to remove it, and, yeah, it’s most definitely going to expose your belly and mess up your hair.

A zip-up hoodie, on the other hand, doesn’t have this problem. It’s also ideal for temperature regulation: Feeling a little hot when walking around in one? Let in some air via its defining feature. The best zip-up hoodies are also more suited to layering, as they can easily be worn unzipped over a t-shirt, dress shirt, henley, sweater, or any number of items for a smart, casual look.

Chances are, your sweatshirts have gotten a lot of use this year. If you’re looking to upgrade your current casual wear, below are some of the best men’s zip-up hoodies we’ve found. Our advice: Go a bit beyond the basics and opt for stretch tech fabric and more streamlined fits.

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