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9 Stylish (And Super Cozy) Sweaters to Wear This Season

Sweater season is here. From v-necks and crew necks to super soft cardigans, these options will keep you warm and stylish this season.

Can you feel it in the air? Perhaps not yet, but it’s coming. You’ll feel a slight whisper of a chilly breeze, and you’ll want to layer up. That is, it’s time to rouse your sweaters from their long spring and summer slumber in preparation for fall and winter — and pick up a few more trusty staples. Sure, you’ve probably kept a lightweight layer on hand for unexpectedly cool summer nights, but this season’s best sweaters for men are a whole different ballgame.

There’s enough men’s sweater variety out there to make your head spin, but your best bet is a sweater that has versatility, warmth, and style points. That is, you want a sweater that you can wear just as easily around the house as you can at the office or apple picking with the family. Look for fabric blends like cotton and cashmere, or else trusty, cozy-yet-moisture-wicking merino wool. A few styles in particular, like the office-ready V-neck sweater or the always-classic crewneck sweater, are going to serve you handily when temperatures plummet. If retro style is more your thing, cardigans and thick-knit fisherman sweaters are also up for grabs. However you choose to layer this fall, there’s a stylish sweater out there for you. Start with our choice recommendations right now, before you feel that fall breezy roll into town.

When planning out office ensembles for the colder months, perhaps you prefer an extra layer over your dress shirt-and-tie combo. It’s hard to go wrong with the crisp V-neck sweater, which showcases both shirt and neckwear handily. The blend of cotton and cashmere makes this sweater durable yet remarkably soft, while the rich shade of Burgundy is a great flex for Autumn.

If you want an affordable sweater you can wear to the office and on weekend getaways, it’s hard to go wrong with GAP’s sharp V-neck option in a range of colors. The Camel Heather color is a nice change of pace from navy or heather grey.

Sometimes, simple and straightforward is best when it comes to your sweater of choice. For a downright steal of a price, get a temperature-regulating merino wool V-neck that’s crisp enough to wear to meetings underneath a wool blazer. At the same time, it’s just as ready to wear with slim blue jeans to grab a post-work whiskey.

When, if Ever, Is It Okay to Hang a Sweater? 

Your peacoat and blazer deserve, no, need to be hung in order to keep their shape and their build through the shoulders and the jacket body. Your rotation of sweaters, however, is different and deserves more care and attention to detail. So, delicate fabrics like cashmere, or cotton and cashmere, will stretch out when hung — fold them with care.

Thicker fabrics, like Donegal or merino wool, can be hung on slimline hangers if absolutely necessary. The golden rule? Fold your sweaters with great care whenever possible, all the better to keep them from stretching out or wearing through at key stress points (like the collar and shoulders). When in doubt, fold ‘em on up. 

If you want to make the most of the season ahead, get a sweater you can arguably wear the most. The crewneck construction allows you to layer this sweater atop either an Oxford shirt at the office or over a soft cotton T-shirt on chilly fall weekends. The Charcoal color teams with blue denim or tan chinos, and merino wool itself is both warming and yet breathable. This sweater checks all the boxes, and then some.

For as easily wearable as cotton and cashmere sweaters tend to be, sometimes, the situation calls for a thick sweater. Donegal wool, hailing from Ireland and prized for its warmth and textured, flecked knit, is your best bet when the weather calls for an extra layer or two. For extra fall style points, pick up a fall-friendly shade like Brick Donegal.

If your favorite fall things revolve around park strolls or day hikes with the family, then this made-for-anything, aptly named sweater is for you. Built with a full fit using an especially thick-knit blend of cotton and cashmere, it’s the kind of sweater made to keep you as warm as a fall bonfire.

If ever there was a sweater that acted like a Swiss Army Knife in your wardrobe, it’d be this premium take on the sweatshirt from famed American designer Billy Reid. He’s reinvented the crewneck sweatshirt using eye-catching, old-school leather elbow patches and a dressy Dark Midnight color. This is the kind of sweater to wear on a casual Friday and then the rest of the weekend, preferably with trusty leather boots and dark blue denim along for the ride.

The cardigan has gone from a favorite of Mr. Rogers to a modern and cool layering option for men, especially with a bit of rugged appeal via a shawl design. The extra collar fabric adds an element of warmth, and the marled cotton texture of this Faherty option primes it for fall cabin getaways aplenty. Wear it over a super-soft Faherty flannel shirt for unbeatable warmth.

If it's expert, casual style you seek, the type of layer you can throw on without thinking twice, the shawl cardigan is your go-to. If the V-neck sweater is your office or date night move, the shawl cardigan, with a heavier knit and a slightly looser fit, is your go-to sweater for days at home or casual fall road trips. Better still are the distinctive color options from UpWest, like Forest Green.