Sweet Sweater

How To Get That Patrick Dempsey Sweater

It’s a cozy work of art, and yes you can get it too.

Greg Lauren cardigan
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There are sweaters and then there are sweaters. No man’s wardrobe is complete without one in Fall and Winter and for those looking for a warm, comfortable, sweater you can wear to the office or to friends, you have loads of options. You can’t go wrong with a classic J. Crew wool blend sweater.. This Alex Mill alpaca sweater is next level comfort. And Everlane makes one of the most affordable and stylish thing cashmere sweaters. These are all great sweaters. They’ll put you back no more than $200 and you will be plenty comfortable and plenty stylish.

But what about a once-in-a-lifetime sweater? A splurge that’s fit for a prince — or at least an actor who has played his share of princes? Yes, we’re talking about the sweater that Patrick Dempsey is donning on Fatherly’s cover story. And if you have, a few thousand to drop on it, it can be yours. Crazy? Well, friend, price out your sneaker collection and then tell us you can’t afford to invest in the greatest sweater on earth .

The Greg Lauren Men’s Patchwork Fisherman Cardigan Sweater ($3125) isn’t so much a piece of clothing as it is a warm work of art. This patchwork of hand-dyed sweater scraps is the Picasso of sweaters — a cubist array of shades and shapes that is as stunning as it is sustainable. Part of Greg Lauren’s "no scrap goes unused" clothing line, what’s left of the scraps of this sweater are part of another project (wastage is recollected again for future use.)

Of course, there’s heft to this sweater. It’s a dense, warm, perfectly curated pile of sweater pieces that will last a lifetime. So go ahead and get it if you’d like.

Photographer: Eric Ray Davidson

Stylist: Warren Alfie Baker

Set Designer: Kelly Fondry

Grooming: Jillian Dempsey

Talent Bookings: Special Projects

Photo Director: Alex Pollack

SVP Fashion: Tiffany Reid

SVP Creative: Karen Hibbert