Small Nice Things

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Small Nice Things

The Secret To Being A Happier Person Is Laid Out In A New Study

ByKristi Pahr

The way to unlock major joy is with small, nice things. That’s practically it.

Small, Nice Things

25 Small, Nice Things To Do For Family Who Helps With Childcare


If you’re lucky enough to have family members available to watch your kids, here are a few ways to let them know how much their help matters.

A couple cooking together in the kitchen in order to help their feelings of being distanced from eac...

32 Small, Nice Things To Do If Your Relationship Feels Distanced


Here are a few things to try.

A father talking with his daughter before she goes back to school
Back To School

26 Small, Nice Things To Do For Kids Going Back To School


Because during the back to school season, the little things make a big difference.


39 Small, Nice Things to Do For Your Neighborhood


Becoming a member of your neighborhood means making an effort.

An illustration of a hand petting a brown dog

43 Small, Fun Things to Do With Your Dog Just Because


Even with dogs, it's the little things that count.

Little Things

54 Small, Nice Things To Do for Yourself

ByFatherly Editors

In order to be there for your family, you have to be there for yourself

Drawing of a hand holding a cup of tea in the air.

42 Small, Nice Things to Do For an Overwhelmed Partner


It's the little things that matter.

A woman on a video call with two friends during an epidemic

Coronavirus Help: 31 Small, Nice Things To Do for Others During an Epidemic


Being a good neighbor takes five minutes. You've got the time.

Damage Control

33 Small, Nice Things to Do After a Big Fight


Because what you do after a fight is as important as what you might have done during the argument.