Patrick A. Coleman

Patrick Coleman, a father of two, joined Fatherly in 2016 as the site’s first Parenting Editor, having worked previously as Editor-In-Chief for the Norwood Post, Food Editor of the Portland Mercury and City Editor for He used his extensive experience as a journalist to build the brand’s core of research-based child wellness, and parenting articles. His work at Fatherly has put him in conversation with some of the world’s preeminent child health, development and parenting experts including Yale University’s Sterling Professor of Psychology and Child Psychiatry Dr. Alan Kazdin, 2017 Time Person of the Year Dr. Celeste Kidd of UC Berkeley's Kidd Labb and Director of the Vaccine Education Center Dr. Paul A. Offit. With over five years of inquiry, study and conversations about parenting issues (a great deal of which he has applied to his own family), Coleman has built an uncommon understanding of what it takes to raise good kids. He uses this to offer advice as The Goodfather and has co-authored and edited Fatherly's first Parenting book Fatherhood. With his unique reporting and research, Coleman's work expands on a central thesis that raising good kids is less about practical advice and tactics than it is about working to become a better man and partner with a strong sense of values. He lives with his family in Chagrin Falls, Ohio.

Developmental Milestones

The Only 12-Month Milestones That Matter

By a child’s first birthday, developmental milestones slow down drastically. But the ones they hit are big — and matter.

Developmental Milestones

The Only 9-Month Milestones That Matter

Developmental milestones appear to come a bit more slowly as a child reaches their first year, but they are no less important.


Science Suggests Parents Are Taking Parenting Too Far

Parents who want to give their kids every advantage are spending more and more time and money on kids, but science is finding that it’s better to step back and find balance.

Developmental Milestones

The Only 6-Month Milestones That Matter

Most parents overdo the whole milestone thing in the sixth month. Stop stressing out and focus on the two (just two!) developmental moments that really matter.

Child Development

The Pincer Grasp Is A Developmental Milestone Too Many Parents Ignore

Putting thumb to forefinger is just as amazing as walking.

Developmental Milestones

The Only 5-Month Milestones That Matter

Some 5-month milestones may come sooner than others. It’s important to consider the progress of your whole, complex little person, rather than focusing on specific milestones.

Sleep Safety

When Can A Baby Sleep With A Stuffed Animal?

As a part of a bedtime ritual or elevated to a transitional object, a mellow, imaginative toy can help lead a kid to slumber.

Developmental Milestones

The Only 4-Month Milestones That Matter

Most parents overdo the whole milestone thing in the fourth month. Stop stressing out and focus on the two (just two!) developmental moments that really matter.

Developmental Milestones

The Only 2-Month Milestones That Matter

Stop stressing out and focus on the milestones that really matter.

Developmental Milestones

The Only 1-Month Developmental Milestones That Matter

Most parents overdo the whole milestone thing in the first month. Stop stressing out and focus on the three developmental moments that really matter.


You’re Probably Doing Timeouts Wrong

Timeouts may seem like the perfect solution for child discipline problems, but they’re rarely used correctly, which makes them less than useful.


How To Dress A Baby For Cold Weather

Keeping a baby comfortable in winter temps requires extra time, extra layers, extra clothes, and extra patience.

Expecting Parents

Prenatal Massage 101: Techniques To Soothe Your Pregnant Partner

There’s no reason for dads to freak out about offering their partner some healing touch.

Girl Dads

The 9 Harsh Truths About Raising Girls That Fathers Of Daughters Need To Hear

Being a girl dad is different than being a father of sons, but that only means dads need to double down on their care, attention, and love.

Water Confidence

How To Teach A Kid To Dunk Their Head Under Water

Fear of submerging the head or getting water on the face is often a learned behavior. Thankfully, it can be unlearned too.

Ready, Set, Learn

The Skills A Child Really Needs Before Starting Kindergarten

Forget the ABC song and counting to 100 for no reason; a kid needs context before kindergarten.

Child Development

Babies Hiccup In The Womb And 6 Other Weird Facts About Fetal Behavior

Babies in the womb aren't just growing. They might even be learning.


How To Decode Your Baby’s Crying And 7 Ways To Make It Stop

One theory says that babies’ cries will sound different depending on what they need.


New Dad Survival Tips To Get You Through The First Month

What new dads need to know about the care and feeding of their brand new human.

Catching Zzz's

How To Get A Toddler To Sleep In

You can't fight genetics, but you can adjust the nap schedule.