Patrick A. Coleman

Patrick Coleman, a father of two, joined Fatherly in 2016 as the site’s first Parenting Editor, having worked previously as Editor-In-Chief for the Norwood Post, Food Editor of the Portland Mercury and City Editor for He used his extensive experience as a journalist to build the brand’s core of research-based child wellness, and parenting articles. His work at Fatherly has put him in conversation with some of the world’s preeminent child health, development and parenting experts including Yale University’s Sterling Professor of Psychology and Child Psychiatry Dr. Alan Kazdin, 2017 Time Person of the Year Dr. Celeste Kidd of UC Berkeley's Kidd Labb and Director of the Vaccine Education Center Dr. Paul A. Offit. With over five years of inquiry, study and conversations about parenting issues (a great deal of which he has applied to his own family), Coleman has built an uncommon understanding of what it takes to raise good kids. He uses this to offer advice as The Goodfather and has co-authored and edited Fatherly's first Parenting book Fatherhood. With his unique reporting and research, Coleman's work expands on a central thesis that raising good kids is less about practical advice and tactics than it is about working to become a better man and partner with a strong sense of values. He lives with his family in Chagrin Falls, Ohio.


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