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Old Friends

80 Years Ago, One Classic Movie Fought Toxic Masculinity And Nazis At The Same Time

‘Casablanca’ is classic for a reason. But, this 1942 film is also very relevant right now.

Old Friends

The Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special Is Weirder, And Way Darker Than You Remember

For Charlie Brown, the holidays are all about sadness, rejection, and disappointment.

Old Friends

29 Years Ago, Henry Selick Brought Us The Darkest (And Best) Christmas Movie Ever

Let's give credit where credit is due.

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The 100 Greatest Kids Movies Of All Time According to Movie Critic Dads

From golden oldies to 21st-century instant classics, here’s our deeply curated, and surely controversial, ultimate ranking of 100 movies kids must see before they hit their 10th birthday.

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31 Weirdest Easter Eggs In 'Weird: The Al Yankovic Story'

The world’s foremost expert on Weird Al explains all the weird — and hilarious — deep cuts you might have missed in the new movie.

Shoot Your Eye Out

Shut Up, Ralphie! No One Asked For 'A Christmas Story Christmas'

Here’s how we got from the surprising charm of A Christmas Story, to whatever this is.

Old Friends

'The Great Pumpkin' Is The Most Brilliantly Melancholy Holiday Special Of All Time

And, it’s only gotten better with age.

Old Friends

45 Years Ago, Dr. Seuss Dropped a Grinch Prequel That Is Basically A Horror Movie

You can’t believe this deeply strange 1977 Grinch prequel even exists.

Great Scott

We Saw 'Spirit Halloween: The Movie' So You Didn't Have To

Good news: Christopher Lloyd is here. Bad news: Everything else.

As You Wish

6 Reasons We Still Love 'The Princess Bride,' 35 Years Later

Don’t let the memes ruin the magic.

Old Frenemies

Yikes. 29 Years Later, 'Hocus Pocus' Has Really Not Aged Well

Here's why this beloved piece of Americana is still quite bad and why the 2022 sequel will certainly be better by default.

Parents Beware

The Queen's Corgi Is The Most Batsh*t Kids Movie You Should Avoid At All Costs

If you want to honor the memory of Elizabeth II, this is not the way to do it.

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How A Raunchy Horror Sitcom Turned Into The Best TV Show About Parenting

What's another word for "energy vampire?" Yep, it's a child.


RIP James Caan and His Dorky Dad Twitter Feed

End of life, end of Tweet.


The True Brilliance of ‘Turning Red’ Is Finneas and Billie Eilish’s Fake Boy Band 4*Town

4*Town 4 ever.


Christina Ricci’s ‘Wednesday’ Comeback Is a Gen X Dream Come True

She's back. And so is the '90s. Forever.

Quality Screen Time

Great Grown-Up Shows You Can Watch With Your 7+ Kids

Not all family shows have to be actual "family shows."


Here’s the Weirdest Thing About That New Weird Al Yankovic Movie

The good, the bad and the weird of Daniel Radcliffe playing Weird Al.


Stop Sexualizing My Baby With Sassy Onesies

From "Mommy's Little Stud" to "Total Heartbreaker” and “Daddy’s Little Princess” this epidemic has to stop.


The Baby Shark Family Has Lost Its Mind

There's too many of them!