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Gamers Beat The Bluey Video Game In 40 Minutes — Here's Their Secret

Impress your kids by beating Bluey: The Videogame faster than you can say “wackadoo!”

Everybody is running to play "Bluey: The Videogame"
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The Fatherly Guide to Bluey

Released in November 2023, we found Bluey: The Videogame to be a great way to introduce very young kids to gaming, but it wasn’t perfect. While Fatherly’s review was mostly positive, later playthroughs with couch co-op exposed many fun but frustrating glitches, and the finicky platforming left a lot to be desired. The game was intended for preschoolers, so it’s short runtime of one hour to beat the game was a welcome choice made by the developers. The downside was, it also meant parents and kids would replay those same episodes over and over again, which might be fine if you’re four-years-old but not when you’re a parent. But what if I said you could beat the Bluey game in less than an hour? Someone just did that, adding a new approach that will delight children and make your experience much more interesting.

These secret tips and tricks were on display during the Awesome Games Done Quick 2024 festival, a week-long charity fundraiser where gamers come together to win games as fast as possible while collecting donations from viewers for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. The organization has broadcast these events on Twitch since 2015, ranging from mainstream best-sellers to obscure oddities. This year, they can add Bluey: The Videogame among those ranks, which might not be as huge as becoming the most streamed show in 2023, but it’s still pretty cool to see it during this event.

Brandon, whose Twitch name is Phillie, typically speed runs Super Mario Odyssey, but took off the signature red cap for something bluer on this day. He plowed through the game in just over 36 minutes, drastically reducing the typical time it takes to beat the game. Here’s how he did it, and the pro tips you can use to achieve the same speedy victory. Wackadoo!

How to beat Bluey: The Video Game in Less Than 40 Minutes

Phillie’s run of Bluey: The Videogame during Awesome Games Done Quick 2024

Phillie was tasked with winning the single-player game by any percent, meaning he just had to hit the end screen and didn’t need to find every hidden object- a task that would certainly add more time to his run. No hacks were allowed, but Phillie could exploit in-game glitches, and this Bluey title certainly has a few that come in handy if you know how to use them.

The first secret technique Phillie demonstrated was to jump everywhere instead of walking, and the streamer preferred to use Bandit due to his ability to leap over obstacles more effectively than other characters. This comes in handy for all the backtracing required in the house (especially for episode three), pouncing onto furniture to climb the stairs faster. He also preferred to play as the Heeler patriarch since Bandit can push and pull objects by himself, while the pups require another character (actual player or NPC) to help with physical tasks while eating up more time.

The platforming sections like the second episode’s “Ground is Lava” simply comes down to the old adage of “practice makes perfect.” There are no special tips to improve the jumping, but some luck is involved, as Phillie spawned for that particular section near the costume bin, which cut down his need to jump from the start of the course and hastily made his way to Muffin in record time. Similarly, early in episode four, players leaping through mud piles can bypass one precarious section by leaping onto a nearby flowerbed, acting as a shortcut to dry land.

Unfortunately, nearly all of the dialogue cutscenes are unskippable with the exception of one moment at the start of episode three. When the family exits the house for the backyard, line up your character next to the puddle before Bluey asks “Where’s Uncle Rad?” and players can skip the next batch of chatter before diving into the lawn sprinkler obstacle course. This tactic of staying aligned to specific checkpoints can be used throughout the game to cut down unnecessary movement and progress the quests faster.

Chasing Chattermax and playing Magic Xylophone doesn’t involve much strategy, either. These sections are all random, but using an adult character makes it easier to bound over furniture to efficiently catch your prey. Other than that, the unspoken pro tip to be faster at the Bluey videogame is to be confident in your navigation and platforming, and just go for it.

This Episode of Bluey is called “Speedrun”

One big hooray for beating Bluey: The Videogame in an astounding amount of time

Games Done Quick

Phillie, who called this moment an “absolute highlight of my streaming career,” completed the game with an official time of 36:11, concluding his entertaining session before the remainder of the game turned into cutscenes and free play at the beach. Donations poured in during his spirited run from gaming fans and Bluey lovers, including one from the Dutch translator of the game. The live audience in attendance shouted “Hooray” and threw their hands up whenever the game said it, and sat on the edge of their seats while waiting for the sticky gecko to fall from the ceiling.

Phillie’s contribution was voted as the favorite run by viewers on that particular day, winning with nearly 40% of those polled favoring it over classics like Nintendo 64’s The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and the handheld classic Mario & Luigi.

While Phillie’s run was spectacular, the world record is currently held by juh0rse, who finished the game at any percent in 35:47 (parental discretion advised due to adult language). We urge families at home to try these techniques and set your own home records to bring some new life to Bluey’s first videogame.

Bluey’s new Season 3C is streaming on Disney+. Here’s Fatherly’s guide to the new episodes.