James Grebey

James Grebey is a writer, reporter, and fairly decent cartoonist living in Brooklyn. He's written for SPIN Magazine, BuzzFeed, MAD Magazine, and more. He thinks Double Stuf Oreos are bad and he's ready to die on this hill.

All Fun and Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons Is Making Things Easier For Newbies — But What About Families?

Here’s what to know about the latest D&D release.

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Netflix Has Finally Done A Great Adaptation Of One Of The Best Kids' Stories Of All Time

The Monkey King comes to America.

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The Best Back-to-School TV Episodes For Every Age

Timeless back-to-school episodes for kids, from toddlerhood through high school.

This Page Will Self Destruct

Has Mission: Impossible Beaten James Bond At His Own Game?

As Dead Reckoning Part One becomes the biggest Impossible movie yet, has the Cruise missile really dethroned 007?

DM Dads

My Dad and I Never Played Dungeons & Dragons — But Next Year It Will Be Easier For Families Everywhere

The immortal game is about to get a whole lot more accessible.

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The 100 Best Kids TV Shows Of All Time

From modern classics to the shows we parents grew up on, there’s never been a better time to be a kid with a clicker.

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The 100 Greatest Kids Movies Of All Time, According To Movie Critic Dads

From golden oldies to 21st-century instant classics, here’s our deeply curated, and surely controversial, ultimate ranking of 100 movies kids must see before they hit their 10th birthday.

Date Night

6 Movies For Those Of Us Who Just Cant Get Enough Paul Rudd

It’s time for some vintage Rudd.

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'Marcel the Shell' Is The First Indie Kids’ Movie That Matters

Jenny Slate reveals new layers of Marcel and gives the world a different type of cutesy kids’ movie.

Marvel Dads

The Marvel "Parenting Curse" Is Very Real– Can Paul Rudd Break It?

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania is bringing parenting angst back to the MCU. Can we stop with this?

Big Dad Energy

Yep. Avatar: The Way of Water Is Totally Worth Your Time. Bring The Kids

If you didn’t have a family in 2009, but you do now, James Cameron made this movie for you.

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Wakanda Forever Doesn’t Shy Away From Chadwick Boseman’s Death. That’s Why It's Great For Kids

The Black Panther sequel honors Chadwick Boseman brilliantly and tenderly.

What The Rock Didn't Fully Cook

Parents Should Thinks Twice Before Taking Kids To 'Black Adam'

Parents should think twice about the latest DC comic book spectacle.

Hulk Smash

Harrison Ford's Surprising New Marvel Role Is Literally Bigger Than You Can Imagine

Forget "Thunderbolt Ross." Let's talk about Ford as the Red Hulk.

Cool Dads

Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Hart Make Their Own Time

How two of the busiest dads on the planet find the time for career, fun, and family.

Drop the Hammer

Every Single Wild Cameo In Thor: Love & Thunder, Celebrated and Unpacked

From a Ted Lasso star making his Marvel debut, to some inside jokes, and even some deleted cameos, here are all the nitty-gritty details of that latest Thor.

Drop the Hammer

'Thor: Love & Thunder' Twist Ending Was Actually Spoiled By Its Title

Marvel did something it’s never done before. But what’s next? SPOILERS!

Drop the Hammer

'Thor: Love & Thunder' Is Marvel's Biggest “Dads Rock” Movie Ever

Some Marvel movies have rocked better than 'Love & Thunder.' But none have rocked harder.


'Lightyear' Is Not A 'Toy Story' Prequel. It’s Far Weirder Than That

What kind of movies do Pixar characters watch within a Pixar movie?

Clever Girls

10 Lies 'Jurassic Park' & 'Jurassic World' Told Us About Dinosaurs

There’s real dinosaurs. And then there’s “Jurassic” dinosaurs.