Hannah Thomasy

Men's Health

Can Masturbation Cause Prostate Cancer? Actually, It Does Just The Opposite

Having more sex and masturbating more could lower the risk of prostate cancer.

Getting Fit

Adding Sauna After Workouts Boosts Heart Health, Study Shows

Using a sauna after three workouts per week lowers blood pressure and cholesterol more than exercise alone, according to a new study.


Even Mild COVID Can Do Serious Damage To The Lungs, Heart, And Brain

Just because you didn’t get long COVID the first time you were infected doesn’t mean you’ll get lucky a second time.


Why Do Kids Self Harm? What Parents Need To Know.

Self-harm is common and not always a big red flag — but how parents react to it can make all the difference.


The Disturbing Science Of Holding In Pee, Farts, And Sneezes

It might be best to let your farts fly free.


With Airplane Mask Mandates Gone, Should You Cancel Your Family Vacation?

Kids under 5 still can’t get vaccinated, but the risk may be less than you think.