Christian Dashiell

Christian Dashiell is a staff writer at Fatherly where he covers a wide variety of topics across the site. The bulk of his work focuses on parenting, science, and developmental psychology. But pop culture, outdoor cooking, comedy, and sports all fill his personal time and round out his writing portfolio.

Christian and his wife live in Kansas with their four children, where they advocate for fellow adoptive, foster, and multiethnic families in their community.

To Time Out, Or Not Time Out

This Famous Power Couple Has One Question: How Do You Discipline A Toddler?

Celebrity parents: they have the same discipline arguments as us!

The Fatherly Turntable

Weezer’s Christmas Album Is The Best Christmas Album

We said what we said.

Product Safety

1 In 5 Parents Give Their Kids Melatonin For Sleep — Here’s What They May Not Know

Despite melatonin being largely unregulated and under-researched in kids, its use is on the rise.


Why The Hell Are 300,000 Preschoolers Getting Expelled Each Year?

There’s just no excuse.


Why Kids Hit Each Other — And How To Respond When They Do

It doesn’t mean your child’s a bully. But you can’t just let it slide either.

Product Safety

This Popular Sensory Toy Might Be Banned For Good

After over a decade of warnings and recalls, one congressperson has proposed an all-out ban.

The Fatherly Turntable

31 Years Ago, One Soundtrack Album Totally Redefined A Country Classic

The Bodyguard made Whitney Houston into a legend.

Youth Sports

Kids Are Quitting Youth Sports In Droves — And We Finally Know Why

Sports are good for kids, but too many external forces are kicking them off fields and courts.


This Is, Hands Down, The Worst Parenting Style

Kids hate it, experts loathe it, so why are parents doing it?


The 3 Types Of Downtime All Children Need

Children don’t just need downtime; they need the right mix of downtime.

The Father Effect

Kim Kardashian’s Manny Dilemma

Having an engaged father is incredibly important — so Kim K tried to close the gap with a positive male role model.


The Key To Raising Helpful, Empathetic Kids Lies Entirely With The Parents

Raising a good citizen of the world is as simple as spending time with your child.

The Dad Special

Kevin Pang’s Cold Sesame Noodle Recipe Is Pure Comfort

Easy to make an infinitely customizable, the simple dish can be suited to anyone’s preference.

Spooky Snoopy

How to Watch the Charlie Brown ‘Great Pumpkin’ Halloween Special

First, you have to write to the Great Pumpkin...

Independent Kids

Parents Don't Want To Helicopter Parent. They Do It Anyway.

A new survey shows that, while many parents claim to let their kids do things themselves, the reality is much different.


Want To Raise A Good Problem-Solver? Take These Four Steps

When problems arise, kids’ emotions can easily overwhelm them. But you can keep them on track to choose the best solutions.

Seoul, South Korea

When The Layover Becomes The Family Vacation

One of the world’s busiest airports is so well designed, it is the destination.

Mt. Hood, Oregon

A (Nearly) Year-Round Ski Lodge Like No Other

Oregon's Timberline Lodge offers the longest ski season in North America — but it's about way more than snow.

Tough Conversations

How To Talk To Kids About War

Psychologist and parenting expert Dr. Becky Kennedy explains how parents can navigate the tough questions and feelings kids have when talk of war is everywhere.

Magic School Bus

The First Electric School Buses Quietly Roll Out Across The Country

We visit one lucky school district in Kansas to see how it's going.