Christian Dashiell

Christian Dashiell is a contributing editor at Fatherly where he covers a wide variety of topics across the site. The bulk of his work focuses on parenting, science, and developmental psychology. But pop culture, outdoor cooking, comedy, and sports all fill his personal time and round out his writing portfolio.

Christian and his wife live in Kansas with their four children, where they advocate for fellow adoptive, foster, and multiethnic families in their community.


How To Raise A Kid Who Feels Truly, Completely Safe

Kids who feel like there’s no safety net spend their mental energy being hypervigilant instead of learning and growing.

Parenting Styles

Jellyfish Parenting Isn’t Just A Silly Name

The tiger parent backlash has swung the pendulum from the jungle to the deep sea. It’s not for the best.

Game On!

3 Rules To Raise A Competitive Kid Who Isn’t A Sore Winner

Three tips for raising good athletes who are also good sports.


What Is Scaffold Parenting, And Should I Do It?

Only if you’re willing to grow alongside your child.

Watch Together

These Are the Most Popular Kids’ Shows in America

We don't make the rules.


Baby Grunts Are A Red Flag That No Parent Should Ignore

It maybe be constipation, but experts say there’s a good chance it could be something much worse.


Pickleball Is a Fantastic Family Sport. These Sets Will Get You Started.

Get your family on the court with these paddle sets.

Home Safety

Gas Stoves Cause Asthma In 1 Out Of 8 Kids With The Disease, Study Says

Fortunately, financial assistance is available for some consumers looking for a safer alternative.

Marijuana Safety

Kids' Cannabis Edibles Exposure Grows By 1,300% In Just 5 Years

But for kids the health risks are more serious than an unintentional buzz.

Cool, Dad!

Must Watch: Damian Lillard’s Kids Crashing His Speech Is The Absolute Cutest

The NBA superstar wanted to share a moment with his family, and they ended up stealing the show.

Coming Clean

A New Theory Claims Men And Women See Household Chores Very Differently

Researchers see a troubling twist in the problem of household equity.

Dad Jokes

These Are Jim Gaffigan’s Absolute Best Dad Jokes

He's the master of parenting humor. Here’s proof.

Star Wars

Star Wars Trivia Questions for the Whole Family, From Easy to Jedi Tough

Everyone knows a little bit of Star Wars trivia, but here's the most fun questions for the whole clan.

Not So Sweet

Lead And Cadmium Are Regulars In Dark Chocolate. Here's How To Avoid It

There's a dark side to dark chocolate.


New Study Says You Should Never Calm Your Kid Down By Handing Them A Phone

Just don’t do it.


Maps Show Everyone's Moving Away From Flood Zones, And Into Wildfire Zones

People relocating may trade one environmental hazard for another.


How to Parent a Strong-Willed Child

Stop the power struggle, and help them use their determination in positive ways.

Junk Science

Junk Food Is Bad For Your Brain, Study Finds

If you eat a lot of ultra-processed junk foods, a study find that you might be speeding up cognitive decline.

World Cup

How To Legally Watch The World Cup For Free

One way to watch the games for free might surprise you.


Negative Punishment Examples Parents Need To Avoid

What to consider when taking things away from your kids.