Christian Dashiell

Christian Dashiell is a contributing editor at Fatherly where he covers a wide variety of topics across the site. The bulk of his work focuses on parenting, science, and developmental psychology. But pop culture, outdoor cooking, comedy, and sports all fill his personal time and round out his writing portfolio.

Christian and his wife live in Kansas with their four children, where they advocate for fellow adoptive, foster, and multiethnic families in their community.

Nighty Night

That Night Light Is Royally Screwing Up Your Kid’s Sleep, Study Says

Even dim light before bed makes a child's melatonin levels plunge.

World Cup 2022

World Cup 2022: What To Expect From Saturday’s USA v. Netherlands Match

Advancing in the World Cup will be a tall — though not insurmountable — task for Team USA.

Play Time

How To Get Your Kids (And Yourself) Comfortable With Risky Play

Risky play helps kids develop resilience, self-confidence, independence, executive functioning, and risk-management skills. 

World Cup 2022

World Cup 2022: What To Expect From Tuesday’s USA v. Iran Match

It's win or go home for the United States.


White Kids Play More Sports Than Others By Kindergarten, Study Says

With one exception, the amount of extracurriculars kids of different races get to experience breaks along expected demographic lines.


World Cup 2022: What To Expect From Friday's USA v. England Match

A quick guide to a soccer match that the whole world will be watching.

World Cup

Roger Bennett On Squaring The Joy And Pain Of The World Cup

“This will be a surreal World Cup from a footballing perspective.”

Dad Jokes

27 Soccer Jokes That Are So Totally Inbounds! Come On Ref!

These dad jokes are sure to make the crowd groan wild.

Play Ball!

World Cup 2022: What To Expect From Monday's USA v. Wales Match

A crash course for the casual observer.

World Cup

How To Legally Watch The World Cup For Free

One way to watch the games for free might surprise you.


4 Ways Parents Can Raise Funny Kids With A Sense Of Humor

Funny kids aren’t born; they’re raised. Parents have two options how: Give their kids trauma, or use these techniques to instill in them a healthy sense of humor.


What Is Reese's Law? Landmark Legislation Protects Kids From Battery Ingestion

Parents still need to be vigilant about keeping button batteries away from kids.

Work-Sleep Balance

Workers With 4-Day Weeks Mostly Catch Up On Sleep, Survey Claims

Here’s why that’s a very good thing — especially for parents.


Parents Who Raise Independent, Self-Sufficient Kids Do These 4 Things

You have to celebrate the small wins.


How To Teach Your Kids To Stand Up For Themselves

Social skills are important, but so is introspection.

Cool Dads

Joey Logano On The Big Race, His Five-Year-Old’s Fender Bender, And Chasing A Due Date

The fastest dad in America talks about juggling it all.

Clean Air

EPA’s Clean School Bus Program Awards 400 Districts New Electric Buses. It’s Just The Beginning.

Kids across the U.S. will breathe cleaner air thanks to a new EPA and Biden administration initiative that is only just getting started.

Parenting Styles

3 Ineffective Discipline Habits That Make Kids Avoidant

When kids get anxious, they become avoidant instead of learning how to handle situations better in the future.

Dynamic Duos

Obama And Barkley Could Be The Next NBA-Owning Bromance For the Ages

Sir Charles would totally be down with joining an Obama bid for the Phoenix Suns.

Halloween Candy

The 'Switch Witch' Is A Halloween Trick That Takes Candy From Babies. But It's Not All Bad

Maintain the fun aspects of Halloween while preventing the sugar crash.