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New Mid-Season ‘Loki’ Trailer Spoiled Even More Loki Variants

"Every Loki has their time."

Get ready for even more Variants of Loki!

In a brand-new mid-season trailer for the Disney+ series Loki, we get a brief recap of everything that has happened up until Episode 3, and then, a quick glimpse of what’s ahead. If you haven’t watched the trailer, and you want to remain surprised for Loki Episode 4 and beyond, look away now and don’t watch that video! Spoiler alerts!

So, among other things, the new mid-season trailer for Loki reveals…Kid Loki! At one point in the trailer, we see a young child (maybe 10 years old?) clearly dressed as Loki, while the trailer text says “Every Loki has their time.”

So, in addition to Sylvie, and our “regular” Loki Variant, we’re getting at least one more Loki, in the form of a young child version of the character. In the comics this type of Loki was referred to as “Kid Loki,” though, so far, the Disney+ show has played pretty fast-and-loose with the comics — Sylvie is kind of a composite of two comic book characters, for example. So, there’s no reason to believe “Kid Loki,” will be exactly like various versions of Kid Loki from the comics.

Kid Loki!

It’s Loki, but a kid! (Credit: Disney+)

Still! Kid Loki! A kid who will also be a Loki Variant! How cool is that! Somehow there are only three episodes of Loki left and if this trailer didn’t get you all fired up or at least giggling a little bit, we honestly don’t know what will.

Loki airs new episodes on Wednesdays on Disney.+