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Where to Watch the Dick Van Dyke Episode From ‘WandaVision’

"It may look like a walnut"

In WandaVision Episode 8, we learned a lot about what kind of powers Wanda is rocking. And, if you’re a parent like me, you also learned that you need to button-up your Disney+ preferences when it comes to which profile your kids use to watch little-kid shows. But, beyond all that, the weirdest mystery of the show has finally been addressed — Which sitcom episode was Wanda’s favorite?

Okay, this wasn’t actually a question anyone really had, but hey, the nice people at Marvel went ahead and answered it for you anyway. In WandaVision Episode 8, we learned that Wanda’s favorite old-school sitcom was The Dick Van Dyke Show, and the specific episode she liked was from Season 2, Episode 21, which is called “It May Look Like a Walnut.”

In WandaVision, little-kid Wanda talks about how this episode resolves itself because everyone realizes it was just a dream. The larger premise of “It May Look Like a Walnut” is that Rob (Dick Van Dyke) becomes obsessed with science fiction premises and is seeing zany things happening to him that aren’t really there. Sort of like the opposite of WandaVision where all the sci-fi and fantasy stuff (including witchcraft) is totally real.

Regardless of how you feel about the latest WandaVision twist, this episode of The Dick Van Dyke Show holds up pretty well. And luckily the show is really easy to stream. Here are your options. We’ve linked to the specific episode where it was possible.

Have fun! One promise: The Dick Van Dyke Show does not have a series finale in which Dick’s character from Mary Poppins recruits the Dick from The Dick Van Dyke Show into a larger team-up of various Dicks from throughout the vast Van Dyke multiverse. We wish!