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New Clifford Movie Trailer Is Big, Red and Terrifying

by Blake Harper
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The final trailer for Clifford the Big Red Dog debuted online today, giving fans a taste of the upcoming live-action film adaptation of the popular children’s book series.

We get a bit more plot than before, as it turns out a middle schooler name Emily Elizabeth (Darby Camp) convinces her uncle Casey (Jack Whitehall) to let Clifford stay with them for one night. But the twist is that Clifford is the little red dog at this point, until he grows into the behemoth we all know and love seemingly overnight. And while Casey tries to adjust to this new reality of owning a dog the size of a wooly mammoth, a group of scientists and/or businessmen plot to kidnap Clifford, for reasons that are not clear.

So does this movie look like it’s worth watching? Kind of depends on your relationship with Clifford on the while. The concept of a real-life Clifford remains as terrifying as it is fascinating and your interest in this movie will likely very much depend on if you or your kid have any nostalgic attachment to the franchise as a whole.

The best part of the trailer is definitely the stacked supporting cast, which is a real who’s who of beloved character actors and comedians. Kenan Thompson makes a brief appearance as the very confused veterinarian, while Rosie Perez is shown to be his assistant. Perennial nice guy Tony Hale appears to be making a heel turn in this one, as he is part of a group that is offering a reward for anyone who can capture Clifford. John Cleese, Paul Rodriguez, and Russell Peters are among the other familiar faces you may recognize in the trailer, if you watch closely enough.

Clifford the Big Red Dog will be released theatrically and digitally on Paramount+ on November 10.

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