Watch: (Almost) Every ‘Dune’ Reference Ever — From ‘SpongeBob’ to ‘The Simpsons’

The spice must flow...in this hilarious viral video! (But did they miss anything?)

Warner Bros. Pictures / Universal Pictures / Disney–ABC / Nickelodeon

Before the new Dune hits on October 2021, there are some people out there who might still believe that this is just an obscure science fiction novel from the olden days. But, the true spice-heads among us know better! Dune is everywhere, and it always has been!

To add to the Dune hype, the folks over at Nerdist have released an incredible compilation video that charts (almost) every, single pop-culture reference to Dune in all sorts of shows and films. From the somewhat obvious Star Wars references to hilarious moments in The Simpsons, SpongeBob, and even Beetlejuice. If you still think Dune isn’t mainstream as hell, your mind will totally be changed after watching this excellent, super-detailed video. Hell, who knew Scooby-Doo was referencing Frank Herbert?? Here’s the amazing video in full:

Oddly, there is one pretty hilarious pop-culture Dune reference missing here, which can be found in the Netflix series Russian Doll. In that show, Nadia (Natasha Lyonne) has to gain entrance to a secret back room at a bar and uses the password “Jodorowsky’s Dune,” to get in. It’s okay Nerdist, it’s a deep cut, but Russian Doll is good!

Obviously, this video also excludes print or musical references to Dune of which there are many, including several Dune jokes in John Hodgman’s book Medallion Status. And, the Klaus Schulze album “Dune,” and his song “Frank Herbert.”

Though, of course, that last piece of the Nerdist compilation does reference the excellent Fatboy Slim/Christopher Walken/Spike Jonze music video, “Weapon of Choice.” Which is worth watching again, right?